Hacker Hates This Blog

If you all came on my blog yesterday you noticed there was a nasty virus trying to entice you to click on it. This is the second time this same virus has pestered my blog. Just a note – if you ever see anything like that, DON’T CLICK IT! Thank God my awesome blog guy, Adam McLane, is on top of this stuff all the time! He fixed it right away! He hosts many other blogs as well, and told me that this is not a problem with any of his others…there really must be a certain hacker out there who hates what we do!

Let’s keep it rolling.

Much love!


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  • Jonathan

    I guess you have to keep on top of those WordPress updates!

  • Jonathan- actually, that doesn’t seem to be the problem. My blog is rocking WP 3.0 and got hit, too. I’m digging deeper as I think the hacker laid a little bomb on the server and not directly in the WP install.

    Virus people are turds.

  • Been there, done that. Do you know what the payload was exactly? Most of them are deposited by scripts that seek out a server or app with a certain weakness rather than an individual. Check the CSS folder of your theme and see if there is a php file in there. I spent an entire day tracking one down, it was not fun.

  • @david- it seems like they are doing different things. The first was a script that hit the whole server. This time, I haven’t found it yet. But I suspect its buried in a php.ini file.