I. Can’t. Believe. It.

For the very first time in my entire life, a sports team I care about has WON A CHAMPIONSHIP! (And when the Bears won in 1985 I was only 4 years old and vaguely remember).

My entire career as a die-hard fan of the Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears (I’m not a Bulls fan – not a fan of the NBA in general. Hey, I’m white, have short legs and can’t jump) has ended every single year in heartbreak! I clearly remember the following as oh so close attempts at my city’s attempts to win (the Bears have had multiple playoff appearances throughout my life but always seem to get trounced early on. I don’t count those as memorable):

1989 – The 1st time the Cubs made it to the playoffs in my life (once again, I was only 3 when they made it in 1984). My parents let me stay up late every night to watch the Cubs get pounded by Will Clark and the Giants. I vividly remember sitting on the floor crying my eyes out when the Giants won and went to the World Series.

1992 – The Blackhawks got swept in the Stanley Cup by the Penguins. I clearly remember Mario Lemieux shredding my heart to pieces throughout the whole, quick, series. (Side note: most of you know that I played Division I baseball in college on an athletic scholarship, but most of you don’t know I also played hockey my whole childhood and in high school as well. In fact, my sophomore year of high school I finished 3rd in the State of Illinois in total points and led my team to the State Championship game at the United Center, where the Blackhawks play their home games. We ended up losing the game, but skating on the Hawks ice was a moment I’ll never forget)

1998 – The Cubs made it back to the playoffs for the first time since ’89, and I’ll never forget I was at my high school prom when the Cubs lost the deciding game, getting swept, by the Atlanta Braves. That ruined the rest of prom.

2003 – The FAMOUS Bartman game at Wrigley. Enough said.

2005 – The White Sox are dead to me. Always have been. Always will. I’m a Cubbie till I die. I don’t remember one day of this year that they won the World Series.

2006 – Everything looked great as Devin Hester returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown against the Colts in the Super Bowl. That was the Bears only highlight.

2008 and 2009 – I won’t even speak of the Cubs getting embarrassed and swept 2 years in a row in the first round.

2010 – THE BLACKHAWKS ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS IN HOCKEY! (For those of you in England and around the world who read this blog, winning the Stanley Cup is like winning the Eurpoean Champions League in Soccer, er, I mean football).

Here’s the Money Shot:

Last night watching the game at a bar in Chicago was amazing. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE CELEBRATION PARADE TOMORROW!

Much love.


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  • John Dao

    Well, I guess it’s my consolation that my Flyers loss has been your Blackhawks gain 🙂 At least I still got the Phillies to root for 🙂 Congratulations! It was a heck of a series!

    • 🙂 Oh John… Don’t worry, the Cubs won’t be winning anything anytime soon!

  • Mrs T

    My son was at the Bartman game (SRO) & I also root for the Sox. I wasn’t raised in Chicago, tho I was born here, so don’t have that hatred. I was so thrilled they won, but it was so late at night(including the celebrating)that I couldn’t fully enjoy it. Why can’t some World Series games be in the daytime like the playoffs? Some of us are morning people!!
    Anyway, Yay Hawks!!!!!!!!