2 Year Anniversary of this Blog!

Today, September 13th, is the 2 year anniversary of when I wrote my first ever blog. Here is the first blog post I ever wrote. And for the record, because of that post we were able to give a $250 donation to their non-profit that clothed and fed parent-less Iraqi children because of the war.

Here we are 2 years later and the following are some fun statistics that have accumulated over the last 730 days since my first ever post:

I have posted 538 entries

There have been just over 4,000 comments

297,019 unique visitors have visited the blog

There have been 1,095,097 page views

Over 37,000 people on Facebook have ‘Liked’ at least one of my posts

There have been 2,002 Retweets of my posts on Twitter

There are currently over 11,000 links to my posts from other sites around the Internet

People from 57 countries have visited the blog

Through this blog, you all have generously donated just over $26,000 to the work of The Marin Foundation.

So humbling.

To celebrate the two years, I am going to give away 2 autographed copies of my book! One of them is going to my favorite gay skeptic who has decided to not invest any money into buying my book, Eugene. Eugene, I dearly appreciate you with all my heart because although you don’t agree with me in any way, shape or form, you have the guts to continue to personally comment on this site to talk to me, instead of just talk about me to other people. So if you could please email me your address (andrew@themarinfoundation.org) I would love to send you a signed copy of my book.

The other signed copy will be given via a drawing. All you have to do is comment on this post and on Friday I will do a random drawing from the names of those who have commented and will send you a signed book as well.

Thanks for continuing to read, engage and do this bridge building work in living what it means to establish Kingdom.

Much love!


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  • Congrats on the anniversary and thanks for your continued work.

  • So encouraging, Andrew! Two more years… 🙂

  • Awesomeness Andrew! 🙂 Praise God for what you do, I’m glad to have chilled with you and your peeps this past Gay Pride Parade and I aim to hear Tony Campolo speak at your next event with even more peeps of my own 🙂

  • Meee! Pick meee! 🙂

  • Jack Harris

    Congrats! I know you are knee deep in research but at some point, it might be interesting to see what possible affects the Marin Foundation has had with respect to those who have directly connected with it. Probably not a survey but some sort of focus group. Just a thought.

  • Hey man! Never forget what you did for us here in Cedar Rapids! You are awesome!!! Already have a copy of the book, but would love to give one away with your John Hancock!

  • I’m sure this has been an epic journey for you and your wife thus far… I can’t wait to hear what God does in your lives next! Keep trucking and obeying!

  • Mary-Ann Good Field

    I was so happy when I saw you on 700 club. I knew there had to be other Christians out there who thought like me about gays. I came at a time when I was grappling with my feelings and beliefs about whether I should give up my dear friends because they were gay or if I should continue to witness to those of them who haven’t found Jesus yet.

  • Andrea

    Thanks for the work you’ve done in building His kingdom these past two years! =)

  • Adrian

    So this is my first time at your blog but I did hear you speak once and I’ve really been wanting to read your book…I love the work you’re doing and I’m currently kinda confused on what my relationship should like with my gay friends as a Christian

  • Jake

    keep up the good work, man

  • Grant

    Great blog man! Cannot believe it has been 2 years!

  • Rusty Brian

    Great work with the blog, and thanks for your inspiring songs, words, and your book! You help many understand and follow Christ, in a real way.

  • I would love a copy of your book. I already have a signed copy, but would love to give this free one to my new lead pastor. 🙂

  • Congrats on the 2 years of consistent writing and blogging!! I’ve never heard of your book but I believe it would be an awesome read.


  • Congrats, Andrew!!! Keep up the good job!

  • @richardsjeff

    Thanks for your work. This will be sappy, but… when I doubt loving others even when you disagree is possible, you remind me it is.

  • Becky

    Thank you for your ministry and calling and all your hard work. I hope to see the church participate in more of this kind of ministry in the future.

  • TO ENTER THE CONTEST: “Brief.” (Hey – you said all we had to do was comment on the post…)

    TO EXPRESS MY LOVE AND THANKS FOR WHAT YOU DO: would take more words than I can possibly muster.

  • JonS

    You are such an encouragement to so many in many communities. if we had more people like you in the world we would see so many more hurts being healed. Keep going. We’re all behind you.

  • Alaina

    Keep writing and doing your thing, brother.

  • Dawn Taylor

    2 years. Such a short time. But so much ground covered! Congrats Andrew, keep up the good work.

  • Chad Willingham

    Congrats and your endeavor is appreciated.

    • You were randomly picked as the winner Chad! Please email me andrew@themarinfoundation.org your address so I can send you an autographed copy of my book! Much love!

    • Eugene

      Congratulations, Chad! You’re a lucky guy! 🙂

      Congratulations, Andrew! Two years are just the beginning! 🙂

  • John Dao

    Congratulations on the success of your blog and your ministry 🙂

  • Stew

    Hey, I just recently was introduced to your ministry. I dig it. I would also love a free copy of your book. Either way, blessings!

  • Carlee

    I like that you are sending one to Eugene.

  • Lana

    You’ve made a lot of people think in the last two years, and that’s a good thing. I’ve recently found your blog and pray blessings to you.

  • Bernie

    I’m new to your work, but am excited to know of someone else who’s on the same ministerial wavelength. Very much looking forward to reading your book!

  • Congrats Andrew on 2 years of blogging on a topic that is very important. Your book is enlightening and a much needed read for the Christian community. Thank you for making a difference in the world. Your videos are also gripping and eye opening. Thanks for taking a stand. 🙂

  • Congratulations on the two year anniversary, Andrew! I appreciate what you’re doing with TMF. Plus, I think you’re pretty swell. 🙂


    PS — BTW, I already have a copy of your book, but Mark said that it’d be okay if I entered him in this contest in my place. Hopefully a proxy comment counts. 😛

  • Alli B

    Happy Blog Birthday! I can’t wait to hear you speak in two weeks!

  • Cassandra

    I love this website and your foundation! You are truely an inspiration to all christians!

  • Andrew A

    Congratulations on the two years of blogging, Andrew. More significantly, congrats on the perseverance of living it out every day despite some people just not getting it.

  • Happy blogiverssay! Kepp up the amazing work, Andrew. You are so inspiring and I am so thankful for your presence in the world. Really really.

  • Contratulations, Andrew! I hope one day my blog grows up to be just like yours! LOL 🙂

  • Viet

    Congrats! Just finished catching up with your blog from beginning to end and love what you are doing.

  • Andrew,
    Love the work you are doing. Congrats on two years!

  • Nathalie A

    CONGRATULATIONS! Praise God for all the glory!


    you and your work give a lot of people like myself hope.