Top 11 Posts of 2011

As I noticed on Adam McLane’s blog, he posted some fun stuff recapping 2011 on his blog. So I think I’ll copy his post’s idea. Thanks Adam 🙂

In 2011, my blog had 182 posts, 1,229 comments and just over 160,000 unique visitors.

Top 11 Posts of 2011:

[Bonus: 12. Go and Sin No More]

11. I’m Sorry Campaign Videos – Part 1

10. Shocked About New York Gay Marriage

9. Electroshock Therapy

8. Interviews: Celibacy and Singleness in the Church

7. Regardless of Your Orientation, Seek Holiness

6. I Have a Brilliant Idea, Let’s Protest the Protesters

5. Starbucks, Willow Creek and Christian Homophobia?

4. The Marin Foundation Featured on BBC World News

3. My Understanding of Radical Love

2. When Straight Christians Only Use Gays When It’s Convenient for Them

And the #1 most visited post of 2011:

The Government and Money: I Don’t Get It

2011’s Top 11 Referrers



9. Tim Schraeder’s post on our I’m Sorry Campaign

8. My old blog site

7. Jon Trouten’s Blog


5. Google

4. Rachel Held Evans post on Mark Driscoll featuring I’m Sorry Campaign

3. The Marin Foundation’s website

2. Twitter

1. Facebook (over 4-times more then Twitter at #2)

2011’s Top 11 Search Terms Bringing People to My Blog

11. living in the tension

10. what does living in sin mean?

9. gay

8. love is?

7. i’m sorry campaign

6. mlk jr

5. marin foundation

4. bible

3. andrew marin

2. money

1. love is an orientation

2011’s Top 11 Outbound Links












Here’s looking forward to another fun year on the blog! Upcoming during this time of year, as always, are my Top Books of 2011 and The Marin Foundation’s 2011 financial records (full disclosure of our donations and expenses). Stay tuned!

Much love.

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