Andrew Interviews Jay Bakker

Ever since Jay Bakker (son of Jim and the late Tammy Faye Bakker) had his own ‘coming out’ in the evangelical world – publicly standing with the gay community in regards to gay ordination, marriage and the belief in what is considered a pro-gay theology – Jay has been one of the most attacked people throughout our faith. Jay [Read More…]

Jan 13: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 1-13-10: After all the Israelites did to betray God, God kept forgiving them and even continued to make them stronger. Quite a lesson on leadership. Ezekiel 37:1-14; 43:6-9 Pastor handbook: Teach difference between holy and common; settle disputes between believers according to God’s ordinances; keep Sabbath holy; letting God [Read More…]

Breaking News: Ugandan President Speaks About Anti-Gay Bill

This morning there was a strange tweet coming from the Ugandan media outlet, The Independent: Uganda backs off anti-gay bill: Saying that it contradicts Uganda’s foreign policy, President Museveni announced Seeing this tweet, my colleague and partner in this whole situation Dr. Warren Throckmorton, called The Independent in Uganda and talked to the man covering Ugandan President [Read More…]

Jan 12: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 1-12-10: It’s not just the leaders, but the followers that will each be held accountable for their own actions—one cannot point the finger to blame the other. Ezekiel 34:11-24 One of my favorite messages in Scripture: “I the Lord have spoken, and I will do it.” Ezekiel 36:36 Much [Read More…]

Live Chat Tonight

Don’t forget tonight’s (January 11th) Live Chat from 7-9pm CST. And for all of my West Coast homies, I’ve started a rotating ‘later evening’ Live Chat schedule in 2010 so you can have an easier time participating. For the most up to date Live Chat schedule, click on the Speaking Schedule button above. Here’s how to participate in [Read More…]

Jan 11: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 1-11-10: Money and power are heavy, weighing you down, drowning you. Give it away and rise up others to partake in this adventure with you before you destroy yourself. Ezekiel 27:25-26 Faithfulness to God’s call in your life is not about the outcome, more so about the obedience in [Read More…]

Health Care Plan Charges ‘Poor’ More Money

I have intentionally kept quite about the new Health Care Bill that is trying to work its way through our governmental system because I don’t want to talk on something that I don’t have, really, any hard facts or information about. However, I saw this article in the Wall Street Journal this morning, and I [Read More…]

I’m Going to Gay Wedding Today

This weekend Brenda and I are going to a wedding in Iowa … for a friend of ours who is getting legally married to his husband. We go because this is another way to tangibly show our love in unique ways to our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. Here is my reasoning why. What [Read More…]

Part 5: United Kingdom

What differences do you see between the UK and the US regarding the topic of homosexuality and the response of the churches? I will be very clear on this. Right now the UK has a unique opportunity to potentially model for the rest of the world how to properly address and work within the tensions [Read More…]

Part 4: United Kingdom

Over the next couple of days I will be posting a Q & A I did with Dr. Andrew Goddard, Professor of Christian Ethics at Trinity College, and editor of the UK’s Anvil Theological Journal. He asked me 14 questions, some of which you all have heard me answer before. So instead of posting any repeated [Read More…]

Random Thoughts

I’ve been thinking about a few things recently. I’d love it if you weighed in on your thoughts and experiences regarding these statements: -If you’re not willing to sprint towards the most tension filled places in life, than you’re not a Christ-one no matter what you tell me. [As a side note, a good friend [Read More…]

Part 3: United Kingdom

One of the days I was in London I had the privilege of speaking at the Salvation Army International Headquarters to a wide variety of British clergy, pastors, denominational heads, theologians, authors and some overall movers and shakers. Beyond such a great opportunity, the unique part to that day was immediately after I had the [Read More…]

Part 2: United Kingdom

The very first thing out of their mouths: “The world would be a better place without religion.” Ouch. One of the next things they said after I asked what have their experiences been with Christians: “I haven’t really had any experiences with Christians.” Ouch again. Here in the States we constantly hear that England is [Read More…]

Part 1: United Kingdom

As many of you know, this past September I was invited to go on a two week tour throughout some of the United Kingdom to talk about my book and The Marin Foundation’s bridge building work. I started in Eastbourne, went to Brighton (from what I was told is considered the gay capitol of England), then on to Edinburgh [Read More…]