Additional Update: Rethinking Vision Forum

Not to get repetitive, but I thought I’d take a moment to plug the Rethinking Vision Forum
website again. Things to note:
  • Rethinking Vision Forum has surpassed 10,000 page views.
  • When you search for “Vision Forum” in google, Rethinking Vision Forum is now at the bottom of the first page. It is in the middle of the second page when you do the same on Yahoo or Bing.
  • Rethinking Vision Forum now has twenty pages and forty-nine posts, with content neatly organized by means of a drop down menu.
  • Fifteen different individuals have either written material for Rethinking Vision Forum
    or offered use of previously posted material, and the website also links to content from a good number of other websites. 
If you would like to help the website, even in a small way, here are things you can do:

Convention on the Rights of the Child, Articles 6-10: The Child’s Right to Know and Be Cared for by Their Parents
The Radical Notion that Children Can Have Anxiety Too
Disqus Switch and Disappearing Comments
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  • Ophelia Benson

    You got it.Want to write an article for Butterflies and Wheels?

  • Wendy

    All the blogs I like have been overlapping today!

  • Libby Anne

    Wendy – Yeah, the Pharyngula post about Vision Forum took me by surprise too! It's always funny to watch those on the left who have no experience with this kind of thing respond to it. They almost seem to have a brain freeze it's so incomprehensible! (

  • Ophelia Benson

    That's pretty much how it is!