Uptate on website countering Vision Forum

Uptate on website countering Vision Forum August 12, 2011
First, Rethinking Vision Forum has moved from blogspot to wordpress and is now located at rethinkingvisionforum.wordpress.com. You should really go check it out, because it has lots of neatly organized information!

Second, Rethinking Vision Forum has become even more collaborative as numerous individuals have been eager and enthusiastic about letting us republish their articles and posts. Several individuals have offered excellent ideas for the future and even offered to do future posts for the site. We are extremely thankful!

Third, we are working on learning more about websites and computers in order to push the site up in search engines – and you can help us with this! Our goal is for it to be on the first page when someone searches “Vision Forum” on google. One thing that will help is links from a variety of sites leading to this one (the words “Vision Forum” will need to be used directly in the link, for example, Rethinking Vision Forum). So if you have a blog, we would appreciate it if you would put a link of some sort somewhere. Thanks in advance! We’ll let keep you posted as we learn more about this process!

Finally, we are open to thoughts and suggestions about content, format, and web search engine things, and we’re also interested in whatever you might have to offer in the area of articles or posts. Don’t be shy!
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