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Yesterday I wrote a post called “How I Run My Blog” about the sort of civil tone I want to maintain on my blog. In response to some readers’ comments, I have revised the post to make what I meant more clear and precise and to help it best reflect what I was trying to communicate. I am sorry if my revisions have caused any confusion.

I originally included a quote from a concerned theist reader, but I have since deleted the quote because I realized including it unintentionally gave voice to an unsubstantiated criticism of FtB. That was not my intent. My intent was simply to respond to my theist reader’s concern that she would no longer be welcome on my blog.

Fellow FtB blogger Camels with Hammers wrote a post today called “Not Every Blog Is For Everybody” discussing my post and what I said in it. I encourage you to read it!

Finally, In response to the feedback from this post and some conversation with other FtB bloggers, I have updated my “Comments Policy” and would encourage readers to peruse it before commenting. I hope this clears things up.


Libby Anne

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