Clarification and Comments Policy

Yesterday I wrote a post called “How I Run My Blog” about the sort of civil tone I want to maintain on my blog. In response to some readers’ comments, I have revised the post to make what I meant more clear and precise and to help it best reflect what I was trying to communicate. I am sorry if my revisions have caused any confusion.

I originally included a quote from a concerned theist reader, but I have since deleted the quote because I realized including it unintentionally gave voice to an unsubstantiated criticism of FtB. That was not my intent. My intent was simply to respond to my theist reader’s concern that she would no longer be welcome on my blog.

Fellow FtB blogger Camels with Hammers wrote a post today called “Not Every Blog Is For Everybody” discussing my post and what I said in it. I encourage you to read it!

Finally, In response to the feedback from this post and some conversation with other FtB bloggers, I have updated my “Comments Policy” and would encourage readers to peruse it before commenting. I hope this clears things up.


Libby Anne

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Libby Anne grew up in a large evangelical homeschool family highly involved in the Christian Right. College turned her world upside down, and she is today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive. She blogs about leaving religion, her experience with the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements, the detrimental effects of the "purity culture," the contradictions of conservative politics, and the importance of feminism.

  • Rawnaeris

    Welcome to FTB, Libby Anne. I hope to learn a fair bit from your blog.

  • Holly

    I always looked forward to reading your old blog but this one seems edgier and I feel we are hearing more of your own voice. I am loving it so far and will no doubt continue to be a fan.

  • SC (Salty Current), OM

    Thanks for this – very thoughtful.

    Look forward to reading.

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    Thanks for the clarification and the link to your comments policy. I can live with that.

  • James Croft

    I respect and support you comments policy and am looking forward to your contribution here!

  • Fox

    I started a long comment, deleted it, and now I think it’d be better to just give the nutshell version: I have personally been put off of reevaluating my beliefs (political rather than religious) due to the mocking and rude comments of a certain blogger (no one here on FtB!). It took years for me to eventually come around, and I think I would have “seen the light” a lot sooner if she had shown some patience and respect instead of just belittling and insulting. (I know it’s not anyone’s duty to educate anyone else, but if you have time to compose a long derisive screed..)

    So, while I feel like we (whether we be atheists, feminists, skeptics, etc) do need “safe” places where we can speak freely and mock whomever or whatever we please.. it’s also important to be able to encourage and support those who are questioning, and not to run them off with contempt and disdain. It’s doubly important when these are people who are actually being harmed or are in danger of being harmed by the religious culture that surrounds them (as with women in the more extreme sects).

    So, yes, I fully support this policy, and besides, anyone who can’t or refuses to interact politely with theists can just skip over to the shark tank that is Pharyngula, right? ;)