Some Links to Past Posts

Since I haven’t gotten my archives up and running here yet, I thought I’d offer links to a sampling of posts I’ve done in the past, especially for newer readers.

On my journey to atheism: Searching for the Baby in the Bathwater.

On an avalanche of questions: How Creationism Drove Me Out of the Church.

On definitions: Fundamentalism, Evangelicalism, and Christian Patriarchy/Quiverfull.

On expectations and purity culture: Sexpectations: Purity, Courtship, and Dating.

On Christian Patriarchy’s approach to adolescence: We Don’t “Do” Teenagers.

On how I approach religious discussion: I Am Not A “Good” Atheist.

Coming up in the next several days will be posts on how dispensational premillenialism shapes one’s perceptions of current events and the future, and on what’s really behind the Duggars’ support of Santorum’s candidacy.

"But Trump does like women, just like other kids like fast shiny cars."

Todd Starnes, the Values Voter Summit, ..."
"There's a history of professional homophobes turning out to be gay because somewhere in the ..."

Todd Starnes, the Values Voter Summit, ..."
"It really depends on where you are. The small town I grew up in pays ..."

Todd Starnes, the Values Voter Summit, ..."
"If it were a natural order, it wouldn't take so much work to prop up. ..."

Todd Starnes, the Values Voter Summit, ..."

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