Worthwhile Reads: Another Daughter Blog

I just recently found another of what I call “daughter blogs.” Blogs by daughters of Christian Patriarchy who have since left have exploded recently, and I couldn’t be more popular. If you look at my list of “blogs” under “resources” under my “Christian Patriarchy” tab, you’ll see about a dozen of them. Here are two excellent posts from this latest daughter blog I’ve discovered:

Sexuality: The Elephant in the Room

The Social Isolation of Homeschooling

"Ugg what nonsense. At least my Christian School never overtly divided the class like that. ..."

On the Self-Worth of Evangelical Girls
"I was going to say something about that, but not quite in that way. Your ..."

On the Self-Worth of Evangelical Girls
"Doesn't help that somebody added in those forged bits into Josephus."

Is Evangelicals’ Persecution Complex Dictated by ..."
"Kids sometimes just think up cool names they'd like to use on their own. It ..."

On the Self-Worth of Evangelical Girls

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