Worthwhile Reads: Another Daughter Blog

I just recently found another of what I call “daughter blogs.” Blogs by daughters of Christian Patriarchy who have since left have exploded recently, and I couldn’t be more popular. If you look at my list of “blogs” under “resources” under my “Christian Patriarchy” tab, you’ll see about a dozen of them. Here are two excellent posts from this latest daughter blog I’ve discovered:

Sexuality: The Elephant in the Room

The Social Isolation of Homeschooling

"Sarah Dunant writes excellent historical novels as well."

Voice in the Wind: Some Original ..."
"Well, dang, I got bored too early. :D"

“Transgender Rules” and the Doublespeak of ..."
"I know it's a little cliche to reference this, but...https://i.imgur.com/rCzSeaE...Strange as it might seem, this ..."

Voice in the Wind: Some Original ..."
"I'm reminded of that Bones episode where Dr. Jack Hodges ends up at the throat ..."

Voice in the Wind: Some Original ..."

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