Worthwhile Reads: Kirk Cameron, Monumental, and Dominionism

“Monumental” Lies – Kirk Cameron Visits David Barton – Chris Rodda skillfully debunks the “history” presented in Kirk Cameron’s latest film, Monumental, which discusses America’s supposedly Christian founding and the nation’s subsequent straying from this foundation.

A Monumentally Different Kirk Cameron – The ever-insightful Julie Ingersoll reveals that Monumental represents Cameron’s transition from mainstream evangelical premillenialism to the Christian reconstructionism of Rushdoony and Doug Phillips.

Here is a relevant quote from Ingersoll’s piece:

With a new film Monumental about to be released, there is a new, more extreme Cameron who is increasingly connected to Christian Reconstruction and dominion theology. … This film arises from by Cameron’s shift from the larger premillennialist evangelical world that he depicted in Left Behind to the postmillennialist dominion theology of the Reconstructionists.

I wonder if this sort of transition is something we should expect to see more of – evangelicals moving away from the more separatist and pessimistic premillenialism to adopt a reconstructionist postmillenialist emphasis on ushering in Christ’s second coming by creating a Christian world – and a Christian nation and Christian government – here on earth.

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