“Atheism” Section Complete

As you may have noticed, I’ve redone my tabs. Besides “Home” and “About” I now have four tabs: My Beliefs, Social Issues, Evangelical Culture, and Parenting. There are three to five sections under each tab dealing with such issues as Christian Patriarchy, Feminism, Positive Parenting, and Humanism. Each of these sections has an introduction with basic information followed by pages containing “Key Posts” and “Resources.” I hope my readers, and any who stumble upon my blog, will find these tabs and sections helpful.

As the title of this post states, I have just completed my “Atheism” section, which is listed under the “My Beliefs” tab. Feel free to take a look, both at the introductory page and at the posts I consider my “Key Posts” on the subject and at the “Resources” I find most helpful.

In my “Resources” section I have just scratched the surface. If you’d like to make suggestions for things I should add – books, websites, blogs, and articles – please do!

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