Worthwhile Reads: The Modesty Myth

I am encouraged to see more and more bloggers, especially those with personal experience with it, taking on the modesty teachings of the purity culture. A few months ago blogger Sierra wrote a series of posts on the teachings of the modesty doctrine. I have also written on the problems with modesty and the purity culture. Now, just this last week, blogger From Two to One has a five-part series out on modesty. Her first post is an introduction, her next three deal with the six main problems she sees with the purity culture’s modesty teachings, and her last post offers some potential solutions to the problem.

The Modesty Myth: Part I

The Modesty Myth: Part II

The Modesty Myth: Part III

The Modesty Myth: Part IV

The Modesty Myth: Part V

(Thanks to Sierra for the link)

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