Worthwhile Reads: Making up with your child

You remember when I talked recently about positive parenting and saying “I’m sorry?” Well, I recently came upon an excellent article on the same topic: “Eleven Steps for Healing and Restoring the Peace after Being Harsh with Your Child.” Here are the eleven steps (be sure to read the full article!):

Calm yourself

Accept your mistake

Don’t make excuses

Reflect on your triggers

Work on self regulation


Gratitude list

Re-Connect and Comfort

Promise to do better

Take care


  • CJ :)

    Maybe I’m not in tune here, but 11 steps seems to be overkill. If you are wrong, admit it and apologize. It really is that simple.

  • AnotherOne

    It’s probably true that the list is longer than it needs to be, but I think some of the steps are pretty valuable. If you blow up, admit it, and apologize without ever thinking about what triggered it, or how you can avoid the trigger or change your response to it, chances are it’ll happen again the next time the same trigger comes up.

  • plch

    you know, I have still to lose my cool with my child (he’s just two years old and he doesn’t speak clearly yet, so nothing to be really proud of) but this list is already useful to me for improving the relationship with my own mom, I have to think especially about those triggers…
    thank you very much for posting this!