Blog Housekeeping

First, I’ve just learned that when someone reads my blog in a reader (or on a smartphone), it isn’t counted as page views. And, well, getting page views is how I get paid for blogging. So if you read my blog on a reader – and I totally understand if you do, I use a reader too – it would be awesome if you would come to my actual blog site every couple of days and click through some posts just to ensure that your reading counts.

Second, I’ve made a few changes to my blog’s look and organized the categories and tags a bit better. So be sure to check it out! And do let me know if there’s anything you think might improve the reader experience. And don’t forget about my tabs, which I’ve tried to organize for ease of reading and browsing. I’ve put real work into them, in hopes that they’ll be a good resource.

Third, I want to thank those readers who loyally – or simply occasionally – comment on my posts. You guys have helped make this blog into a community, and I never case to be amazed with how insightful your comments are (yes, I do read them all!). I’m also constantly impressed without how civil and yet persistent you all are, even if it involves explaining something you think should be obvious, or something you’ve already explained five times. Seriously, you guys are amazing. So if you’ve never ventured into the comments sections on my posts, don’t be afraid to give it a try!

Fourth and finally, two of my favorite blogs have now joined Patheos as well! Say hello to Melissa of Permission to Live and Sierra of the Phoenix and the Olive Branch! I know many of you already follow them as well, but if you don’t, they’re worth a look. And the best part, for me that is? Though I met them both through blogging, Melissa and Sierra have both become good friends of mine in real life. And good friends are something to treasure. 🙂

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