A Questions of Comments and Policies

In recent weeks, more and more of you readers have been leaving comments. I like that. I have always enjoyed reading the discussion on my posts, and I’ve learned a lot in the process. It does make things complicated sometimes, though. When beliefs and political opinions clash, well, people can get upset and up and arms pretty quickly, and it’s no wonder. So I’ve been thinking lately about my comment policy.

In some sense, blogs are extensions of their owners. The way I run my blog, both in writing my posts and in my comments sections, is a reflection of who I am and what I value. And honestly? I think this is why the comments section generally works so very well. I love the space they provide for insight, reflection, and honest questions intelligently discussed. And the tone of my comments section in general is all the more impressive when you consider that I’ve actually only ever deleted a total of three comments.

But with the increase in comments and my upcoming posts that will serve as platforms for discussing arguments against abortion, I want to make sure that my blog’s comments sections don’t lose their usual charm. I want my comments sections to continue to be a safe place where people can hash out arguments, disagree at times, and yet extend a hand in friendship to all who hold similar values.

And so, my readers, I thought I’d ask for your input. What thoughts and suggestions do you have to offer?

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