About Twitter and Worthwhile Reads

First of all, I’m on twitter. So if you’re on twitter, follow me!

Second, while I am still doing “Worthwhile Reads” posts from time to time – especially when I find articles that share a specific theme – I’ve been looking for another way to highlight posts I find and like on other blogs. See, I keep saving blog posts to my pocket saying “cool, I have to share that on my blog” and then, well, never sharing it.

I think I’ve found a solution. I have installed a widget on the sidebar of my blog that will show my most recent tweets (just tweets of articles or blog posts, not tweets in reply to other tweets). I’ve titled it “Worthwhile Reads.” So if you’re at all interested in what else I’ve found interesting, or you’re around my blog and want to find something else to read, scroll down to the “Worthwhile Reads” section.

Or, you know, just follow me on twitter.

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