I’m over at the Washington Post today!

Hey, guess what? I’m over at the Washington Post today writing about love! The Washington Post’s online religion section is doing a Valentines Day series and asked me to write “An Atheist’s Guide to Love.” (Many thanks to Hemant for recommending me to them!)

Here’s an excerpt:

Without instructions flowing from religious dogma, atheists are free to simply focus on finding ways to build healthy relationships and on setting a healthy balance between self and others. Given the lack of atheist dogma, this is a very individual thing. Many atheists marry and raise children together, others get divorced, and still others choose not to marry, or form alternative families or engage in polyamory. As an atheist, there’s no set rule for what a family or a relationship is supposed to look like. Instead, it’s up to you.

Read the rest here!

My article appears alongside Mark Driscoll’s. Yes, that’s right, he’s the one they tapped to write “A Christian’s Guide to Love.”

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