New Survivor Blogs?

What with all of the Homeschoolers Anonymous activism and the rest, I’ve started to notice that there are a whole lot more of what I term “survivor blogs” than I currently have on my list. So, I want to add to and revamp my list.

For my survivor blogs, I am most interested in bloggers who were themselves homeschooled and are today critical or some or all of the homeschool culture in which they grew up. They do not have to blog about homeschooling directly, but from time to time they should at least touch on some aspect of it or of the culture surrounding it (i.e. surrounding Christian homeschooling). It’s okay if they are only updated infrequently.

I also want to make a second list containing bloggers who were not homeschooled but who grew up in fundamentalist or conservative evangelical churches and families and have since shifted in belief, especially those who taught patriarchal ideas under the cloak of religion, and who are now critical of these ideas. I’ve sometimes heard this collection of bloggers called “the ex-patrio blogosphere.”

Here is what I need: 

1. The names and URLs of survivor blogs to add to my list. Please include a one sentence description. Make sure to look at what I currently have on my list.

2. A brief one-sentence description for each blog/blogger that I already have on the list, to add to the listing. If one of these blogs is yours, I will use your description. Otherwise I’ll either write my own or use one offered in the comments here.


Addendum: I am aware that there is currently some controversy about the blogger Razing Ruth. I don’t want to weigh into that conversation at this time, but am leaving the link to her blog on the list. If I see convincing evidence that she is a fake, I will remove the link. However, my comment sections are not the place for this debate.

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About Libby Anne

Libby Anne grew up in a large evangelical homeschool family highly involved in the Christian Right. College turned her world upside down, and she is today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive. She blogs about leaving religion, her experience with the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements, the detrimental effects of the "purity culture," the contradictions of conservative politics, and the importance of feminism.

  • Fay

    Not sure if it counts, but I (grew up homeschooled, recently started coming to terms with some of my upbringing) *just* started a blog of my own that I plan on updating with more related posts in the future… –

    • Rose

      I think I’m in that same category. I grew up homeschooled, recently came out so, lots and lots of coming to terms, but I’m not sure if mine is a survivor blog. I try to post regularly but, life…

  • alwr

    You may want to consider removing Razing Ruth from your list. Check out this site for a start:

    • Libby Anne

      I’m leaving it. If she officially comes out as a fraud, I’ll take it down, but until then I’m just sick of the piranha nitpicking I’ve seen go on over this issue.

      • Anne –

        If she never officially says “I’m a fraud!” and (I’m assuming, since that’s what your comment sounds like) you won’t read anything about it, how is it going to “come out” to your satisfaction?

      • Libby Anne

        I have never required any of the bloggers listed on this page to *prove* they are not fakes. It would be a disaster if I did, as many blog under pseudonyms and for good reason.

      • Sophie

        I don’t think the issue with Razing Ruth is that she’s a fake, but more that she has potentially scammed people and made a considerable amount of money doing it.

  • lana hobbs

    I blog at
    Lana Hobbs the Brave
    Lana blogs about leaving fundamentalist christianity, living with mental illness, and whatever other big new thoughts she has.

    • Libby Anne

      I appreciate it!

  • Jeri

    My blog is
    I write about my journey from conservative homeschooled stay-at-home daughter raised in the Gothard cult, to happy atheist feminist co-parenting three in the Bible Belt.

    • AnotherOne

      I love your blog, Jeri. I can’t remember how I first found it–maybe Homeschoolers Anonymous? I don’t comment because I haven’t signed up with a commenting platform, but it’s wonderful. I’ve had to tear myself away from reading all the back posts because I’m under deadline right now and don’t have time. Anyway, I think you and I are around the same age and stage of life, and there are soooooo many similarities between us. I read your post where you reflected on some of the reading material of your childhood and it resonated so strongly with me. I was raised on stuff like Tortured for His Faith.

      Just wanted to take the opportunity to say that I’ve really appreciated your writing and will be keeping up with your blog.

      • Jeri


  • galacticexplorer

    If you are interested: — “Signs you are a Sheltered Evangelical” takes a humorous spin on coming out of the conservative homeschooling worldview and discovering sanity.

    About myself: I was homeschooled k-12 and am now 25 years old, barely-religious, lesbian, and mostly separated from my family.

    • Libby Anne


  • Sarah Henderson

    Hi Libby Anne, I wonder if mine might fit your list, I have only recently started it, so there is only a few posts but it is a work in progress:

  • rae

    Former Gothard/VF/Quiverfull/Homeschooled and conservative girl with all the answers now blogs about the questions as a liberal agnostic.

    • Libby Anne

      Thanks so much!

  • dryingmywings

    Ooh, yes me! Catholic college student, was homeschooled K-12 in a patriarchal home, abused physically, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually, neglected, and trafficked into slavery for forced labor.

    A safe place to share my thoughts and poetry

    • Libby Anne

      Added! Thanks! :)

  • Julie Anne

    Hi Libby Anne: You can add/change this to Spiritual Sounding Board: After being sued by my pastor, I started a blog on spiritual abuse and recovery. I’m a homeschooling mom highlighting spiritual tyranny and corruption among church leaders, Christian groups, dangerous trends, including the Homeschool Movement.

    Thanks much! ~ja