New Survivor Blogs?

What with all of the Homeschoolers Anonymous activism and the rest, I’ve started to notice that there are a whole lot more of what I term “survivor blogs” than I currently have on my list. So, I want to add to and revamp my list.

For my survivor blogs, I am most interested in bloggers who were themselves homeschooled and are today critical or some or all of the homeschool culture in which they grew up. They do not have to blog about homeschooling directly, but from time to time they should at least touch on some aspect of it or of the culture surrounding it (i.e. surrounding Christian homeschooling). It’s okay if they are only updated infrequently.

I also want to make a second list containing bloggers who were not homeschooled but who grew up in fundamentalist or conservative evangelical churches and families and have since shifted in belief, especially those who taught patriarchal ideas under the cloak of religion, and who are now critical of these ideas. I’ve sometimes heard this collection of bloggers called “the ex-patrio blogosphere.”

Here is what I need: 

1. The names and URLs of survivor blogs to add to my list. Please include a one sentence description. Make sure to look at what I currently have on my list.

2. A brief one-sentence description for each blog/blogger that I already have on the list, to add to the listing. If one of these blogs is yours, I will use your description. Otherwise I’ll either write my own or use one offered in the comments here.


Addendum: I am aware that there is currently some controversy about the blogger Razing Ruth. I don’t want to weigh into that conversation at this time, but am leaving the link to her blog on the list. If I see convincing evidence that she is a fake, I will remove the link. However, my comment sections are not the place for this debate.

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