Trump’s Comments Are Worse Than You Thought

Trump’s Comments Are Worse Than You Thought June 20, 2018

There has been a lot said about Trump’s comments on his summit with North Korea’s Kim Jon Un last week. But there are a few points I have seen garner less attention.

Here is an excerpt from Trump’s interview with Fox News’ Steve Doocy:

Doocy: Right. Well, just before you met with him, he cleaned house. Three of his top generals, some of the hardliners, he fired—

Trump: Yeah, that’s what I heard.

Doocy: —then you go over there and you took some heat over saluting one of the generals.

Trump: I think he fired at least. [smirks] Okay?

Doocy: Three that we know of.

Trump: When you say he “fired,” I think maybe fired at least.

Doocy: [chuckling nervously as it dawns on him what Trump is saying] Right.

Trump: “Fired” may be a nice word.

This is not a laughing matter. Does the man have no shame?

And then there’s also this:

Doocy: One point — I think it was in the last week, ten days; things are going fast here in Washington, just saying — but…

Trump: You’re having a lot of fun, right?

Doocy: [laughing] We’re having a—

Trump: So supposing Hillary got elected instead of Trump. You think it would be so exciting? Your ratings would be way down.

Ratings. It’s all about ratings for him.

Guess what? Foreign diplomacy isn’t about TV ratings. And you know what else? The presidency isn’t a TV show. And joking about dictators maybe murdering the generals they let go—that is not something we’re supposed to do in the “free world.” Or at least, I thought it wasn’t.

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