What the Bible Says About Gender, Marriage, Fornication, Adultery, Rape, Incest, Homosexuality, Bestiality, and Prostitution


Christians and non-Christians end up disagreeing about sex, and most everything else, because they start at different places. Christians believe that God created gender, marriage, and sex for His glory and our good. Christians believe that everything begins in the opening chapters of Genesis, which begins, “In the beginning.”

In the Bible, human sexuality begins in the garden of Eden, where God created all things good, including the male, the female, and their sexuality, and told humans to “be fruitful and multiply.”[1] Once sin enters into the world, the way things are is not the way things ought to be.

Robert Gagnon, a noted theologian on human sexuality, says, “Scripture regards the urge to gratify intensely pleasurable sexual desires as part of God’s good creation. Nevertheless, given their often-insatiable quality, Scripture also recognizes a constant threat to the Creator’s norms.”[2]

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