Paul is, of course, insane

The sensible course of action is for our Nobel Peace Prize Winning God King to be conducting military actions in 75 countries and maintaining a huge military presence in countries which are quite capable of defending themselves such as Japan, Germany and 120 other nations.

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  • Raul

    Then I must be going insane as well. The older I get, the more this guy makes sense.

  • Joshua

    Only as insane as anyone who would prefer healthy relationships with his neighbors. I guess that makes a lot of us insane, eh?

  • Martial Artist

    If enough of us share this form of insanity, the United States might just avert, or at least not be ruined by, the near-term disaster that is looming on the horizon.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  • Chris

    Ron paul’s problems do not stem from his foreign policies. Unfortunately, he does not realize that we cannot jump from a nanny state to the old west. Libertarianism would not be the result, but narcissitic libertinism. Although, in principle i am a federalist, I think we need to have strong state governments. By the way, this is a question I have for distributists……how does one actually move from highly regulated central authority to a broad level of support? Just as we can’t get rid over govt services without the lower protections in place, it seems that we cannot get rid of federal political programs until the states are already making the fed reulation dispensible.

  • Steve P

    Regardless of the policy, it’s a really well-done video…

    But c’mon– who’s really going to vote for the candidate of LOVE? ; )

  • Varenius

    I’m a Paul supporter and want our troops home *yesterday*, but this clip is propaganda. I mean, our troops just fell out of the sky one day for no reason, right?

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Propaganda? Do you think the average Iraqi citizen agrees with you or with Paul?

      • Varenius

        Do you assume the average Iraqi citizen thinks there was no reason we invaded? And is the war indeed forever escalating in the manner the clip implies?

        Or to put it another way: Is there really no difference between those who hated us from the beginning/anyway and those who just want us to finally go away?

  • drogah

    This video made me laugh, as it got louder and more melodramatic. Maybe I’m a product of my generation, but… just awful.

    We opened up the can of worms when we went in. That bell is rung. To remove ourselves now would be to let the jackals have full reign over it all, instead of just portions.

    If you’re fine with that, you’re fine with that, and I shall not argue nor disagree with you: but don’t deny the consequences of what pulling out will look like for the people there.

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    Sadly, the jackals in Iraq wear digital camo.

    • Varenius

      So everything will be hunky-dory peachy-keen there if we just pull out?? Nothing but love and brotherhood will fill every jihadi’s heart, one and all? Yippeee!!!

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    That’s definitely the standard I used to explain my occupation of my neighbor’s house. Maybe I shouldn’t have pulled a B&E to steal their shotguns, but if I left now,how would they ever defend themselves against their psychotic son with no shotguns?

    That would just be pure-dee ole’ meanness.

    • Varenius

      Your implication was that we are the only “jackals” there, thus when we leave, all the baddies will be gone. Both insulting and naive.