The Republican Follies Continue

What an absurd joke this field of candidates is. Today’s focus: The Android.

That the Thing That Used to Be Conservatism cannot mount a credible campaign against an opponent as weak as Obama is all you need to know about the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism.

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  • Amichel

    It’s so sad how terribly disfunctional American politics have become at the national level. It’s become near impossible to vote for a presidential candidate from either major party with a clean conscience. I’m relatively young, has it always been this bad? Were our politicians always just a parade of empty suits?

  • John B

    Sorry, not gonna make up my mind on the basis of “commentary” by a punk comic. Romney is a very solid guy, and he would make a fine president. If you want four more years of Obama, then get behind the 100% pure Catholic candidate, if you can find one.

    • Mark Shea

      The commentary is Romney’s own words. I’m not asking for a 100% pure Catholic candidate. I’m asking for a candidate who, as a bare minimum, does not ask me to support intrinsic grave evils worthy of the everlasting fires of Hell. Romney’s grotesque willingness to sell his soul to abortion for the governorship persuades me he will likewise sell his soul for the Presidency. If you seriously believe that clown will do anything to oppose abortion, then I have a bridge to sell you. He is a classic Republican: talk about abortion, get your vote, and then use it to ignore abortion and pursue disastrous military and economic policies. One need not support Obama (and I don’t) to see that.

  • Ron Paul 2012? That’s the only solution I can come up with.

    • kenneth

      I have a better idea. Let’s outsource like we have every other job. We can get a perfectly capable technocrat in Mumbai for a few dollars an hour and no benefits.

  • SKay

    I was pro choice for a long time –before I realized my mistake.

    I would never say that someone cannot change his or her views on abortion– the Lord has many ways of changing someones heart and I am forever grateful that he did not give up on me.
    Obama has a track record on abortion and it is very clear. Will Catholics put him in office again with their eyes wide open?

    • Mark Shea

      Please. Do you really, for even one second, believe Romney has had a change of heart?

      • Not for a second. As a former Chutsey, I am convinced that if he were told that all it would take to win Florida is endorse NARAL, he wouldn’t even flinch.

      • SKay

        I know that I changed and it was a long and difficult road- so I know that it is possible to change. He says he is now pro life. I am waiting to hear more from him on the subject.

        If nominated–and that is a real if–it will then be up to those of us who are pro life to make ourselves heard by him–and our Senators and Congressmen. The pro abortionists are well funded – never sleep and are NEVER quiet.

  • kenneth

    Conservatism is yielding the sort of candidates we’re seeing because it is totally intellectually bankrupt as a movement. It has no lucid vision whatsoever to articulate for how it plans to engage the new century. Its leaders have no platform beyond the agenda of the corporate oligarchs who own them and the anger of middle America who only knows they’re being screwed by somebody.

    Their rhetoric plainly shows that they have not done any homework or original thinking in decades. They’re still couching all disagreements in terms of fighting “socialism” – a battle that was settled in the real world over 20 years ago. They have given up on the very idea that candidates for nationwide office should have deep credentials or qualifications of any kind beyond loyalty to buzzword agendas like abortion and “taking back our country” (whatever that means).

    I won’t even speak of liberalism because that’s been on its heels for at least a quarter century. The Democrats on the other hand, are every bit in organizational decay as Republicans. They’re basically neo-cons who fail to toe the line on abortion and who employ speech writers fluent in progressive-ese.

  • Scott

    So, are ya gonna vote for Barack then?

    • Mark Shea

      I wonder how many times I have to say that I will never vote for a candidate who promotes grave intrinsic evil (like Obama) before readers will believe me.

  • ds


  • ds

    Scott: dont blame me, i voted for kodos

  • Dr. Eric

    What about Herman Cain?

  • Tominellay

    Ron Paul. I think he’s a candidate any Catholic voter could support in good conscience.