Prayer Request

A reader asks prayer for a priest who is terribly lonely and planning to leave the priesthood soon.

Father, hear our prayer that he find the spiritual nourishment and support he needs and remains faithful to his vows.  Mother Mary and St. Jean Vianney, pray for him.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

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  • Carbon Monoxide

    As a guy who didn’t get married until 34, if he thinks he is lonely now, just wait until he is an unmarried layman.

  • Father

    As a priest myself, I can identify with what this priest is going through. The priesthood, especially if the priest ministers in a rural area far from other priests, can be very lonely indeed. Priests need prayers, and they need friends. Invite a priest to your home today. You may be saving his vocation.

  • Kevin

    And being a friend of a priest means you always respect the awesome configuration to Christ of his ordination by always calling him “father”(!)

    Years ago I started doing this, and I’ve never regretted it:

    -kiss the hand of each priest you meet because of what Christ does through his hand, that can’t be done through your own
    -when you part company, say to that priest “thank you, father, for your own ‘fiat’ in accepting your vocation”

  • Therese Z

    The first commenter almost answered the question I came here to ask: when a priest is lonely, and I’m aware of one who is foreign-born and has no family here, and little collegiality in the parish he is serving, does he first need other priests, or can lay people’s friendships with him alleviate his loneliness? I am a little hesitant to offer more friendship to him, thinking that he may be needing people who are NOT his parishioners. Can a priest be friends with someone who comes to him for confession or stands around at parish events talking about church matters?

    The second commenter reminds me to continue to thank him for his priesthood and always tell him and others that I pray for them at every Mass.

  • Loneliness can be like a martyrdom. Prayers for Father.