Prayer Requests

A reader writes:

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I am in need of serious prayer in the last mo. and 1/2 we have been broken into twice not to mention that a year ago we got hit before and so we are without a sliding glass door until Tue. we need prayer for a hedge of protection around our house and wisdom as to what God wants us to do move or stay? Also I am fine spiritually, I am not angry at the perp’s but my husband is struggling, can you pray for him to forgive and pray for those people and let it go and trust God and that we are just sojourners in this land He is really struggling about his stuff and feels confused, can you put out and APB of this if people want to pray I sure would appreciate all the prayer we can get cause I feel that Satan wants us to be discouraged and we need to be wearing the full armor of God to fight this.

Father, hear our prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord for their protection and for their ability to forgive. Mother Mary, pray for them.

Another reader writes:

I’m so glad you’ve maintained this means of community prayer as a part of your apostolate–I think this is really important, especially since I’ve had atheists, former Catholics, and folk of all sort accept an offer of prayer gratefully when they or someone they love is ill or in need. Anyway, some intentions:

–my uncle’s mother, who’s been having lots of strokes and other problems, for grace, healing, peace, and protection from any possible spiritual attack, that she live out the last years of her life in deep faith, hope, and charity, and that she feel the love of God and the healing of the Holy Spirit;

–an uncle of mine who’s just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, that John Paul II might intercede for healing and peace for him and his family;

–for a cousin who’s in need of prayer;

–for my grandmother, for a full recovery from pneumonia and heart failure, and whatever other healing and grace God might want to give;

–for a friend who’d undergone treatment for cancer without letting almost anyone know, for full healing and all grace God wants to give.

Thanks, God bless!

Father, hear our prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, pray for all these people.

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  • felix

    tomorrow i have to give a lectur in my department i am so nerous with crowed. so please pray for me

  • Gabby

    Praying! you will be fine. Think of the love and peace of Jesus Christ filling you as you give your lecture! God bless 🙂

  • A Random Friar

    Sorry for vacation; back to praying!

  • levin

    My 2nd yr university exams just finished and iam waiting for my results..i need god’s favor and grace manifested in my results..i really need a divine intervention..pls pray..thanks..God bless you