Prayer Request

A reader writes:

A friend of mine has a grandmother in hospice, who took a very bad fall today. My friend is in the process of converting from atheism to the Russian Orthodox church.

Father, hear our prayer for this this woman’s complete healing and for her granddaughter that she can come to know, love and serve you in peace and joy through your Son Jesus Christ. We ask this through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • logu

    I am a hindu religion. in 2006 i have seen my horoscope with astrologer – he told 99% happened in my life. He told some future thing – it also happend in my life. He told my age of death also- it is @ age of 34.”I showed my horoscope with >30 astrologer- they indirectly told my death. I shocked about this & i told this thing to my parents & i decided to “will not have marriage But after more compulsion from my parents i got married, now i am having 2 kids( age 3 & 1). Now i am 33 finished & 34 running – my date of birth is 27/07/78. At last i have seen 1 astrologer before 3 months – He told July/august 2012 is my critical period ( Do or die). I am having fear about death from 2006 onwards – now it got increased 100 times. Generally i am not having any bad habit, no health issue also. But i am suffering a lot , lot , lot about this astrology. My palmistry also have same problem. I am crying when i am seeing my children. I am getting suicidal thoughts with more depression. Please, please and please help me By pray with god christ. please guide me ” how do handle the situation”. Now i am searching real god. basically i am a good person always. Why i have to die?. Is it god’s order?. If it is a order from god & prepared before my DOB. Is it god behavior good?. please guide me & pray for me & guide me.