For Those Who Are Skeptical…

that the choice must always and forever be between the Caesar/Mammon and Mammon/Caesar ticket, a reader writes:

You’re always going on about how you won’t vote for Romney or Obama, and that even though your guy won’t win, you won’t have to take a shower after voting. Well this website’s been bouncing around on Facebook. Basically, you take a quiz and it tells you who you match up with the most. I got 84% for Gary Johnson. Thought you might pass this on to your minions, who might also want to avoid the showers on Election Day, but might not be sure what the other options are.

Minions!  Check thou it out!  I’m still leaning Stubbs 2012.  Some readers have tried to argue that we should support a dog, but I’ve pointed out that, great as a dog would be, we can’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.  Be realistic and support the electable candidate.  Stubbs 2012!

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  • Andy

    I just responded and not that I am surprised I am most aligned with the green candidate. Guess that makes me an environmental wacko, go Jill Stein. More seriously we do need to find alternatives to the main two parties. The parties are essentially the same, they just follow different routes to arrive at the same place.

    • Beadgirl

      Hey, me too! I guess I now have a name to write in.

      • Andy

        Exactly what I felt.

  • Gary Johnson is pro-choice. Bzzzzzt!

  • I got an 86% for Ron Paul and an 81% for Gary Johnson. I’m not really surprised that I’m mostly aligned with the Libertarian party, but I can’t vote for Johnson, because he is pro-choice.
    I guess Strange Women Lying in Ponds Distributing Swords 2012 is still the best way to go.

  • Irenist

    “You side with Jill Stein most on environmental issues, Ron Paul on foreign policy issues, and Virgil Goode on social issues.” Oh, and I side with Gary Johnson on ending the drug war. Strange Women Lying in Ponds Distributing Swords 2012 does indeed sound like it might be the way to go….

  • beccolina

    This is embarrassing, but I ended up siding with Romney 89%. How do they evaluate what he believes anyway; he changes his mind a lot. I can’t believe I was in even 19% agreement with Obama. I was sure Ron Paul would be the candidate with whom I was most compatible.

    • If you click on a candidate’s name, they will give you a break down on how your views align. Some of the examples are inaccurate. For instance, I said I support adult stem cell research and oppose research on fetal cells. Obama supports all stem cell research; therefore, according to them our views mostly align on this issue. If it hadn’t been for examples like that, Obama would have only agreed with me about 6% instead of 15%.

      • Christina

        Yea, I saw this at one location and laughed: “Should the government require health insurance companies to provide free birth control? Obama: Yes, but exempt religious organizations or charities”

        • Andy, Bad Person

          It’s accurate, actually. The problem is that Obama also wants to be able to define down who can be considered a religious organization or charity so that it incorporates practically no one.

  • Mark,

    Don’t worry, I hear Jesus Christ is considering a run for the presidency.

    You’ll have your perfect candidate soon enough.

  • yeah, i got Johnson 82%, Paul 80% and Romney 74%.

    But I wasn’t satisfied with the foreign policy questions (too general to be much good – nothing about assasination, drone strikes etc.) and I wasn’t really satisfied with the science questions either. Take the evolution question. My answer is that the scientific theory of evolution as an explanation for how current plant and animal life came to exist as the exist at this time is the leading contender for that explanation. However, as a philosophical theory it doesn’t address the question of First Cause; i.e. why is there something and not nothing (even though it is usually presented that way) and in the details the scientific theory has some holes and gaps which may or may not be answerable and may or may not point to the need for a new paradigm/theory.

    That’s probably a bit too nuanced for American politics but then, so is much of Church teaching (to which I hope I hold accurately).

    • Christina

      Yea, I had the same hold-up with evolution and somehow came down agreeing with Obama on that one. I think “yes, but it’s a part of Creationism” was the closest to what we believe…yet creationism had such bad connotations that I didn’t select it.

  • Ted Seeber

    WOW! Mitt Romney with a 71% match, followed closely with Virgil Goode a 63% match. I may yet change to voting Republican this time around- and apparently in previous years, Constitution Party was indeed good for my soul (I only recently converted to the Church’s teaching on immigration and still have some qualms with providing illegal immigrants anything other than food, clothing, shelter, water, medical care and support for improving conditions in their home country so that they can return- providing them work seems to me to still be robbing from Peter to pay Paul a Pence).

    • Ted Seeber

      This also introduced me to Jimmy McMillan of The Rent is Too Damned High Party, with whom I only seem to disagree with on gay marriage (and I’m not sure even then since he seems to agree with me that the best way out is jumping to the bottom of the slippery slope and allowing “a man to marry a shoe”).

  • I got Ron Paul with an 86% match, but surprisingly Romney was an 81% match. I wonder if I can subscribe to receive hourly updates with the percentage for Romney updating as his positions change!

  • Clicked the Stubbs link only to find that thats the hometown of my roommate from college! Small world. Not sure such a strategy would be feasible at a national level though . . .

  • Jmac

    Romney: 75%
    Stein: 75%
    Obama: 73%
    me: WTF?

    • Ted Seeber

      Especially that last one! But given the Stein between Romney and Obama, I would guess you’re a fiscally conservative humanist who considers ecological conservation to be good business sense.

  • Frank

    Is Gary Johnson just like the rest of the candidates?

  • Dan

    Ha. I got 71% Obama, 67% Jill Stein and 66% Romney. And 55% Ron Paul. I’m really up in the air.