Michael Sean Winters Give Further Evidence that Obama Will Lose

Notes that Dolan would happily have prayed at their convention, but that the Dems regard him with utter contempt, as they regard the Church utter contempt. Here’s the thing: the Dems make clearer and clearer with each passing year that they can’t even be bothered to *pretend* not to feel deep and abiding hostility and even hatred toward Christians in general and Catholics in particular. As long as they could swallow hard and make a few social justice noises every election year, they could gull a lot of Catholics into believing they were not just the other side of the Caesaroligarch duopoly. And they could, till Obama declared war on the Church with the HHS mandate, sell themselves as just a bit more progressive. But these days, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the leadership and manufacturers of Dem opinion really do regard the Church as the enemy. So they want to do what all Caesars do: create a “patriotic Church” loyal to their regime and propose it as an alternative to the real Church. It remains to be seen whether this trick will work. But for those who take their Catholic faith more seriously than their party (as Winters appears to do and as I pray a lot of Catholics on the left will do) this is an excellent way to lose the Catholic vote.

Obama’s going to lose.

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  • JoFro

    I dunno Mark….I’m getting the feeling of De Ja Vu here…wasn’t it also expected that Bush would definitely lose to Kerry? But we all saw what happened. I think Obama will win. Slight majority…but still a win for Obama

    • Mark Shea

      I never thought for a second Bush would lose to Kerry. I think this will be close (and if prolifers were smart they would use that fact to exert enormous pressure on Romney not to betray or jerk them around). But I think Obama is exuding flop sweat and knows he’s losing.

      • Scott W.

        I never sensed a inevitable loss by Bush in the public either. Really, the only questionI sense now is will the the Rombot will win by a decent majority or humiliating landslide.

  • Andy

    I tend to agree with JoFro above – not that I want Obama to win, by the way I think that Romney will be just as big a disappointment. The Republicans needed to nominate someone who could lead and inspire – not someone who doesn’t seem to articulate whet he will or will not do. Because Romney appears to not to be able to make a stand, I think people will shy away from him.
    I don’t think though Mark that it is not only a democratic skill to try and make the right noises to get the Catholic vote. The republicans do it as well. The hatred and distrust of the Catholic faith is a long-standing issue in America. In many ways it is the one “safe prejudice” to have. For a while it was the republicans and their forefathers in politics, now it is the democrats. It, this prejudice will be around as long as Catholic teaching is not bound to a set of political beliefs. Time to get ready for my first class of the semester – an 8:00 which I love, but students not so much.

    • Think of voters who don’t pay close attention to the issues. It’s the Rominee’s game to lose. Odds are not much will change from now until November including the economy. If Mitt can significantly improve his personal “likeability” numbers after the convention, I think he wins easily.

  • Blog Goliard

    The HHS mandate was a true gift to us, in that it provided a real teachable moment for social-justice Catholics who had gotten into the habit of translating “justice” and care for the poor into a moral imperative to feed the ever-growing Federal Leviathan with ever more money and power.

    Yes, Caesar can and will turn on you. And yes, the political party that has been your default preference for decades does actively hate you.

    (And yes, both those reminders are regularly needed for those on the other side of the aisle too.)

  • I’d say it’s 50/50 on who will win. Sure, Romney’s a flip flopper and only he and God know what he really believes. Being a slippery eel didn’t hurt Bill Clinton at the polls any, and whatever else one can say about Mitt, he doesn’t carry the personal baggage that Bill has.

  • Ted Seeber

    I hate to say it, but I think there’s a bit of confirmation bias going on here. And while Obama’s chances are MUCH lower than they were in 2008, I think he still has a chance in 2012.

    But not much of one.

    I don’t expect a landslide for Romney either. In fact, while I’m in a deep blue state and could comfortably vote third party, I would not be at all surprised to find the election go down to the wire on a single electoral college vote.

  • I think this is the first election since 1992 where the incumbent faces a serious possibility of losing. I’ll also say this about Mitt: he doesn’t seem intent on being a sacrificial lamb like McCain and Dole.

  • Observer

    “…create a “patriotic Church” loyal to their regime and propose it as an alternative to the real Church.”

    I hope people who freely choose to do this, without political pressure, indef. detainment, nor any other set of circumstances which may press a person fused with such hatred because he or she has been under something emotionaly or psychologicaly hurtful, are the only people capable of doing something like this without threat or force upon themselves. In other words, better the people who freely choose to do something as suggested above because they’re foolish and not having fallen into a hurtful dilemma which would press upon them to make this insane choice.

    • Ted Seeber

      Then maybe the extreme right and the extreme left should stop creating hurtful dilemmas?

  • I don’t understand where this “hatred” to christians come from when the vast majority of dems are christian too. In fact, Joe Biden is catholic, sure you would say “not a real catholic”, but so do I think you are by threating others with utter contempt and not allowing them rights. This “war on religion” is extremely silly because Obama is a christian himself who has called himself a man of faith. And the fact is that the employee is the one sinning, not the one asking for the coverage for contraception and what have you not. Are you going to oppose giving salaries now too because the employee is a non-catholic that might be expending it for things considered sinful by the church?

    • Ted Seeber

      Joe Biden is what some more Orthodox Catholics refer to as a Cafeteria Catholic- he abandons the faith when it becomes too hard to follow it. Of course, it’s appearing that Paul Ryan does also.

      The real war on religion has almost nothing to do with the HHS Mandate, and everything to do with this administration’s apparent belief that Christianity should be limited to actual religious services, and be banned from serving the poor, the sick, the homeless, and the refugee.