Rombama is the Total Opposite of Obamney

What Caesaroligarchic incest? Only Republicans do that. Dems are for the little guy!

Caesar takes your money.
Caesar gives it to big corp.
Big corp gives it back to Caesar’s campaign.

One of those “circle of life” things.

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"Great post, Mark."

Not coincidentally….

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  • Dave G.

    What Solyndra loan scandal?

  • Andy

    Solyndra began withMr. Bush – not Mr. Obama – he just continued along the track – not to defend Mr. Obama. More I think it shows how there is not an iota of difference between teh republicans and the democrats.

  • Paul Rankin

    That sounds more like a toilet than a “circle of life.”

  • Ted Seeber

    Crony capitalism at it’s finest- it’s what the free market *always* turns into when you remove the separation of business and state while removing God from the economy.

  • The only cure to corporatist behavior patterns such as this is to limit Caesar in his activities. The fewer goodies he hands out, the fewer toadies he attracts.

    • Matt Talbot

      …which sounds good in a combox, but in practical terms “limiting the size of government” always works out to mean, “All Hail Our Reptilian Corporate Masters,” at least in the modern world.

      • There are Congressmen who sponsor anti corporatist legislation. These bills do come up for votes every once in awhile and they do get supporters. Occasionally they win. You might want to pay attention to the party mix on the vote for and against such measures.

    • I’m not saying it isn’t crazy, but a libertarian who argues that Caesar should be limited in his activities including his activities enforcing corporate property rights, contracts, and limited liability is at least trying to be consistent.

      What people usually mean by limited government is “plenty of the sort of government I want, none of the sort I don’t want”. That’s fine, of course, and I even lean libertarian (because of its overlap with subsidiarity) in many things; but it would be more intellectually honest just to call it what it is.

      One thing that seems genuinely missing from our thought process though is that you can’t have government subsidiarity without also having some sort of corporate subsidiarity. Limiting/localizing government power necessarily requires limiting/localizing corporate power: otherwise, government continues to grow as corporations grow: it must, as the tax-supported contract/property right/liability rule-making and enforcement operation for corporations.

      • There is a difference between Caesar handing out goodies and Caesar enforcing even handed rules of the road. The latter is a core task for government and one that actually works against corruption.

        The limitation of corporate power is simple. Corporations die. They die a lot faster when they can’t get government to subsidize their incompetence. Stop subsidizing them with favorable rules and sweetheart contracts and corporate power naturally shrinks because without artificial support, corporations tend not to last.

  • Mark R

    Solar energy companies in the U.S. are not as lucrative as other energy companies. They are very much dependent on government subsidies and are considered by financial experts as unwise investments.

  • Will

    Not much talk of reducing the military-industrial complex budget.

    • The military’s up for budget slaughter no matter who gets in the White House. What’s to discuss, particularly?