Urgent Prayer Requests

A reader writes:

Please pray for Fr. Jean Francelome Dumas, a young priest in Haiti (he serves along with our close friend, Fr. Louis Merosne) who was severely injured in a car accident on his way back to his parish to celebrate a marriage. The doctors gave him 5% chance to live. They need to med-evac him to Miami right now. We need all the help we can get. Please pray and spread this request. Thank you!

Father, grant him a miracle of healing if it is your will. If not, grant him the grace of a happy death. Give his caregivers skill, wisdom and compassion and give all who love him grace, peace, and strength. Mother Mary, St. Jude and St. Luke, pray for them. We ask through Christ our Lord. Amen!

Another reader writes:

Please pray for my friend’s dad. He is an alcoholic and has been in bad health for a while. Last Thursday he was unable to walk and was taken to the emergency room. I haven’t been able find out any more info since then. I want to see if my uncle (a priest) could give him the Sacraments (my friend’s dad is a lapsed Catholic), but I need to get ahold of my friend first and so far I’ve had no luck.

Also, please pray for my cousin who is being deployed to Afghanistan.

Father, hear our prayer that this man receive the help he needs and that the man being deployed to Afghanistan serve well and be kept safe from harm. Father, hear our prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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  • kuruvilla

    dear brother , please pray for me a promotion in my job

  • Jennifer

    Please pray for the people of Zimbabwe to receive food and water in their hands

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  • pradeep ataria

    God save my wife, she is really disturbed with the evil powers. Oh god, please send your holy spirit for my wife and my son.
    Empower both of them with your grace. Ameen

  • I am 37 man from Finland. I am nowadays in the faith in the Holy Trinity. That is because I`ve had few difficulties in my life. I did get to the faith in 2009-2010. I was recovering from the bleeding in the brain. I`ve recovered well and can live by myself. I can also study. I was a soccer coach when I got the disease. Nowadays I am more of a believer and less the coaching department. I`ve withdrawn myself from the coaches postion. I go to the church(es) 2-4 times/week. I`ve found the church to go to. I is very near my house. The funny thing in my life is the fact when I got the disease in my part of the town there was no church. After I got sick there is 2 churches near my house. In Finland the other one is states lutheran church and the other has withdrawn itself from the lutheran church. I did confess for my faith in that church. We have saturdays our sermons. I am also going to lutheran churches sermons sometimes and in every monday we have a bible class and prayer meeting. I am doing my life in the faith more eagerly nowadays. I have a prayer request for me: I have been alone for the most part of my life. I`ve had and still have friends but the wife to be is missing from my life still. I ask you to pray for me to find that woman I could marry! I also ask you to thank for that the Holy Trinty is with me nowadays doing their plan in my life. I`ve noticed that I am going nowadays more and more to the churches and sermons! Also I was listening to metal music even after I got to the faith. Nowadays I am more of a gospel listener I dont listen to metal anymore. I think that metal music does not have the message for me anymore. I can tell you also from the Holy Trinitys plan after I got to the sermons: I am not much of a singer. I didnt trust my singing voice so I did not sing in sermons. Nowadays I am singing because I`ve thought that if God has created me he has created also my singing voice! Other prayer request is for my bro + family. My bro has been in the faith from 90`s. He is a gospel musician. His wife is almost a lutheran priest. The couple has 3 kids together. He had the same disease as I in 2011. Only he got it worse. That is because he lost part of his mobility on the right side of his body. He lost also part of his speech. I consider myself the lucky one in our family. That is because I can speak and move as I did before. So I ask you to pray for my bro to get better as much as possiibe and strenght and courage to his family! Also you can thank for my bro`s network of friends: the gospel music friends. They (+me) have prayed for my bro and his family a lot and so has bro`s wife and her family so I ask you to pray for thank also for them! Last but not least I ask you to pray for my parents. My dad doesnt believe to the Christ. He is a freemason. My mom believes as my dad. I`ve showed them a tv-show from Christian tv-channel where a former freemason told his story: how he got out the freemasonry – resingned – and then got to the course for people who have just recently got in the faith. My dad was thinking for a bit. But he did phone my mom`s bro who is also a freemason and he did say that the man who resigned from the freemasonry was a lunatic. So my parents are in the deep of the freemasonry So I ask you to pray for that my parents to get the know and believe who is behind the freemasonry and get to the real faith in God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost! Thank you for this service!

  • shalini

    Mr. Vijay Derrick Pinto aged 44 years is suffering from face cancer. Now he is in his last stage. His condition is now very very critical. Please pray for him

  • jari-pekka

    My mother is sick, pray for her so she can be healed. Lord help us with this cow-issue. And Jesus heal all my sickness.

  • jari-pekka

    My mother is sick, pray for her so she can be healed. Lord help us with this cow-issue. And Jesus heal all my sickness.