Prayer Request

A reader writes:

The wonderful lady, a mother of 6, who has been helping our family with baby-sitting our little ones just had a biopsy performed on a lump in her breast. She has not received the results, but the family has been through a number of health scares this last year, and this is added stress that she doesn’t need. Prayers for her and her family would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Father, hear our prayer that this be benign and that she be restored to full health through Jesus Christ.  Mother Mary, St. Luke and St. Peregrine, pray for her.

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  • Esther


    Thank you so much for your prayers, i please request you to pray for me, i am in desperate need of $150,000 to settle some debts, i am at the very end conner, please need your help, if you can help me financially i will appreciate and i will appreciate more if you put me in your is my email.

    Thank you