Prayer Request

A reader writes:

I write to beg prayers for a friend who was raised Catholic but embraced the Lutheranism of some in his family as an adult and became a Lutheran pastor, marreid and had a family. As many segments of Lutheranism embraced moral teachings far from Christianity, he was compelled in conscience to resign his pastorate, confess apostacy and swim back across the Tiber. Add to this back problems that have required two surgeries and limited his physical abilities. The loss of the security that came with his pastorate and difficulties his wife suffered from his departure from the chrch she is attached to have led to them separating. They are both in need of graces of many varieties.

Father, honor this man’s faithfulness and supply all his family’s needs through Christ our Lord. Send members of your Body to him to help him find a place where he can exercise his gifts and make a living. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for him and his family.

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  • Christopher Lake

    I will pray for this man and for his family. I am single and have never been married, but I know a bit of the pain that he must be feeling, both emotionally and physically.

    In 2010, I returned to the Catholic Church from several years in evangelical, and then, later, consciously Reformed, Calvinistic Protestantism.

    At *just* the time that the Holy Spirit prompted my heart to begin re-investigating the Catholic faith, I was being trained, by a Protestant elder, to become a “Bible-alone, nouthetic school of thinking” Christian counselor, a la Dr. Jay Adams. That particular form of training/ministry is obviously *not* transferable to the Catholic Church– and the time and effort that I had put into it had been with the hope and intention that it would be the rest of my life’s work. (I’m in my late 30s and was born with a physical disability which has not exactly helped me in my career life– though it has been very beneficial spiritually in certain ways.)

    I cannot regret returning to the Church. I did so out of obedience to Christ, and I can’t regret obeying Him. However, my “Catholic reversion” has, seemingly, devastated my career life, and it also caused the loss of most of my Protestant social circle. I knew that these things would likely be the case, before I reverted, and again, I am glad that I returned to the Church. It’s not easy being a 39-year-old, never married, unemployed man, living alone with a physically painful disability– but if I have to endure these trials, I’d rather do so from within the the Church that Christ founded than from within any Protestant denomination (and I do love my Protestant brothers and sisters in Christ)!

    • Ted Seeber

      Talk to your Bishop and local seminary. The answer may be easier than you think.

  • Ted Seeber

    I will pray for him too- but he really should, when he gets well enough again, consult his Bishop about what it would take to regularize his Ordination. My diocese has several married priests now, all converts from either Lutheran or Anglican.

  • Christopher Lake

    Ted, thank you for the thoughts. I should say, to avoid any confusion, that I do know that I’m not called to the priesthood. However, I am considering applying to graduate school here: Please pray for my discernment. Thank you again, brother.