Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

A reader writes:

can you please ask the Prayer Warriors at the website to prayer for a dear friend of mine called Rosa. She is a care worker who is responsable for looking after a community that is home to people with mental health problems. She has a double hernia and may have to have a back operation, she is currently unable to work and is constantly in great pain.

May God hear our prayers for this kind person who has spent her life helping others.

Father, hear our prayer through your Son Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, St. Joseph and St. Luke, pray for her.

Another reader writes:

For all who are praying for Jim, his wife just sent the following:

Last update, Jim seems to be feeling much better since the 4 pints of blood, his color is better, his structure is better as his posture was terrible, he looked like a little old man, his spirits are better which are all good things. They did more blood work yesterday, which we do not have the results yet, his GP is setting up the appointment for the capsule proceedure with regards to his small intestine. Once this is all over then I hope we can schedule him for this blockage surgery then I hope he will be like new. His blood count was good yesterday, thinking positive thoughts and blessed with everyones support and prayers. Will keep you updated and thank you for being there for us.

Father, thank you for your servant’s recovery. Help him return to complete health. Mother Mary and St. Luke pray for him. We ask this through your Son Jesus Christ.

Another reader (a priest from the People’s Republic of Canuckistan) writes:

I know you have a number of Canadian followers, so I was wondering if you could spread this around. (and even for your non-Canadian friends to pray for this.) There is an important vote happening the House of Commons tomorrow afternoon, where the government is debating whether to set up a committee to study when human life begins. Currently there is no legal standing for people until they have been born. So this is a very important vote from a pro-life standpoint.

It has been receiving a lot of opposition, sadly. But through prayer and action God knows what’s possible! Here is one particular write-up (among many) about what can be done.

The full motion can be found here.

Thanks so much!

Father, help your people do what it right for the unborn babies and protect them with the rule of law through Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, Mother of the Unborn, pray for them!

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