Can’t Wait!

Personally, I’m looking forward to getting past Election Day so we can start on the chest-beating vs. recrimination phase, when I will be informed that my vain self-regarding narcissism was a) defeated by the allied powers of righteousness and The Babies Are Now Safe/b) responsible for the destruction and defeat of our Last Best Hope as we now slide inexorably into a New Dark Age. What no one will consider is the possibility that virtually nothing will have changed and that all that has been said here had a vanishing small impact on the outcome of the election (though I hope it has had a big impact on how a few readers think about the moral act of voting).

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  • I’ll be glad when it’s over so we can move past the usual cynicism that crops up around election time.

  • Ted Seeber

    I’m so looking forward to it, that I already voted.

    We can do that in Oregon.

    Strange screw up on the ballot lead me to vote for a candidate that I had not even considered but who seems pro-life enough for me (he’s got 12 children of his own): Will Christensen, who though he’s “American Independent Party” on his website, was listed as Constitutional Party on my ballot.

    So did I vote for Will or did I vote for Virgil Goode, whose name didn’t even appear? Doubt that it matters because all of Oregon’s electoral college votes are going for Obama anyway.

  • EMS

    “What no one will consider is the possibility that virtually nothing will have changed “. Agreed. The “end times” stuff on so many Catholic blogs is downright scary at times. Unfortunately, regardless of who wins, you can bet that the NEXT election will begin the day after the votes are counted.

  • Because of this comic, I am now definitely voting for Romney on the off-chance that I might get a government-subsidized magic pony.