Prayer requests

A reader writes:

Please Pray for a teacher I know. He got himself into a spot of trouble for resisting Planned Parenthood’s Teen Outreach Program taking away valuable instruction time to recruit in his math class.

This has caused quite a stink with the pro-abortion management at his school as you can imagine- up to and including a District Administrator telling him he can’t use the words “God Bless You” in the class room or on any correspondence.   He is on the front lines of the culture war in a way that few of us ever will be, and he’s under direct persecution right now.

Father, bless and prosper your servant as he seeks to honor your.  Protect him and his family and vindicate him with your Son’s glory through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary, mother of martyrs, pray for him.

Another reader writes:

Could you ask for prayer for Samuel again? He had another operation on his left leg yesterday, but the stitches came out of his right foot, so its a mixed bag right now.

Father, grant Samuel complete healing through Christ our Lord.  Amen.  Mother Mary pray for him, his caregivers, and his friend who cares about him and is Christ for him.

Another reader writes:

I would like to ask for prayers on behalf of a former co-worker of mine who suffered a stroke in his office on Friday afternoon and wasn’t discovered until Wednesday morning, unconscious but breathing.  He is not very old, lives alone, and his employer was closed Monday and Tuesday for a long holiday weekend.

Once he was taken to the hospital, they managed to stop the hemorrhaging in his brain, which is going to allow them to work on the other issues which developed over the weekend.   This apparently puts him in a stable state, although they are watching him like a hawk.   I’ve been advised that at this point, it’s a waiting game…no news will be good news at this point, since they’re not expecting changes within days, but in weeks/months.

Yesterday he underwent 2 surgeries to relieve pressure in his brain – the first was not successful but the second was.  From what I’ve been told, if he does come out of it, he’s going to have a long recovery.

Every time I think of the poor guy unconscious in his office for 4 and a half days, it just makes me sick.

Father, grant this man complete healing through your Son Jesus Christ, and let this issue in your glory and in the increase of love and friendship in this man’s life.  Grant skill, wisdom and compassion to his caregivers, and grace and peace and strength to all who care about him.  Mother Mary and St. Luke pray for him.

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  • I offer my prayers through the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima.

  • Since Dr Eric is storming Fatima, I will go to Lourdes! 4 days without medical intervention is very bad with a hemorrhagic CVA. Especially pray for that last man. He needs a miracle and miracles do happen!!!

    • Chris S

      Sadly, the man who had the stroke passed away earlier today. May he rest in peace.

  • Christopher S

    The man who had the stroke is named Dave, if you wanted to intercede by name. No news to report currently. Thank you for the prayers.

  • laura carey

    please pray that god helps heal my body,bring me peace,love,happiness,love,longjevity for everyone and will protect my house.please pray that my medical issues will be better and that i will get a financail blessing because im suffering hardship

  • David Athanasius Ting

    Please pray for me in a very special way that I currently facing a broken relationship with my best friend by the name of Seth Tan Chee Kang. Please do pray that God in His divine love grant me and Seth healing so that we will built a good relationship and friendship again.