Hey Prolife Irish!

Senator Ronan Mullen of your séanad writes:

We are at a critical stage in relation to the legal protection of unborn children. Abortion legislation could be agreed upon at Government level in the next 14 days. Politicians need to hear from us about the importance of protecting our two-patient model of maternal care. It’s about protecting pregnant mothers and their unborn babies.

A pro-life vigil will take place outside the gates of Leinster House next Tuesday, the 4th December at 4.30 p.m. I urge you, your family and friends to take part if at all possible. The pro-life groups are joining together to send a strong message about this vital question of human dignity. Let’s support them. Please spread the word.

Whether you can make it or not, it is vital that TDs and Senators hear from pro-life constituents at this time. A personal meeting is best, next best being a telephone call and then some form of written correspondence. There are alternatives to legislating for abortion: for example strengthening medical council guidelines or holding a referendum to overturn the flawed X case judgment of 1992.

Yours sincerely,

Rónán Mullen

Be there. Aloha!

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  • LaVallette

    The Irish Faustian agreement for the sake of so called “economic prosperity” not working out so well for the Irish tradition. Anything, even betraying your histyoric tradtiions and principles for which the great Irish Heros died. The modern generation would have even welcomed Cromwell for the sake of ptrogress.

  • Joseph

    I live in Galway. I’m afraid to speak realistically but Ireland is an apostate nation that is completely brainwashed by the media and pop culture. Ronan Mullen has committed political suicide as he is being attacked on all sides for his extremely unpopular stance. If you are aware of how the media and pro-abortion groups have used the unfortunate death of Savita as a clarion call for abortion when it actually appears more and more to be a case of malpractice and/or negligence, you’d understand. The media won in this case. Lucky for them they have a nation that believes everything they see in print or on the telly. I’d say in a year Ireland will have legalized abortion and euthanasia at the least with gay marriage following sometime sooner. This country is more anti-Catholic than Cromwell. It’s well known that if you hold a Catholic opinion on any topic here that is blasphemous to the gods of secularist pop culture, if you dare speak them in public you will be ostracized. Ireland is lost.

    • Fran

      True. I live in Dublin and things are in a bad way, Ireland is indeed an apostate nation. We need prayers urgently.