Happy New Years Day!

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Some thoughts on the Royal Wedding

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  • michaelp71

    Big fan of U2. This is a grim video..I am more hopeful than this portrays. Maybe this hope is due to ignorance or inability to see clearly what is going on in the world. I am hoping that it is faith that pulls me through because I have seen good come when all seems lost. Faith, hope and love in 2013!!

  • The Church in Her wisdom guided by Divine grace asks us to begin our new year, celebrating together at the altar of our Lord. We begin the new year choosing what sacrifices we will make to improve ourselves but not forgetting the One Sacrifice that Jesus made for us which defeated Satan. It only makes sense to sing and praise with heaven, and remember that our God, our Creator, chose us to be His adopted sons and daughters. This is the real celebration today. God who loves us beyond our comprehension gave us His only Son, to suffer and die for so that we could resurrect and ascend with Him to heaven.

    Today we acknowledge Mary, and we are reminded that it is because of her fiat, her total devotion to God that we could be saved. This new year should be a reflection of our Holy Mother’s willingness and courage. This year should be a year that all of us improve on saying yes to God. Our Pope has called us to a year of faith, and that is exactly what our blessed mother had when she said yes to God. Let all of us pray that we can imitate this faith and that this faith never fades in the hardships to come this year. Amen

  • Brian

    Classic. And to think, this song came out of Adam Clayton’s attempt to cover “Fade to Grey”. You never know where inspiration will come from.