John C. Wright

on the theodicy of hell.  The guy *thinks*.

"Some people might think that the RC you refer to stands for Roman Catholic, but ..."

Damien and Simcha Fisher report a ..."
"Calumny, slander, and .... bad logic. Nice trifecta."

March for Life Thrilled…
"racist - wrong. rapist - wrong."

March for Life Thrilled…
"Playing the "racist" card is popular these days, however silly the argument."

March for Life Thrilled…

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  • Liam

    Great piece. I have an ongoing exchange with a good friend at work over God’s existence and justice. I have been the fireman in the example he gives. The guy I pulled out against his will had started the fire by getting drunk in bed with a cigar. He came to as I was dragging him, stood up in protest, got a lung full, and then passed back out. He was fighting mad and completely naked on the sidewalk outside. Turns out he was the apartment manager. I just thought it was a funny story, but Wright flipped it around on me. I’m going to pass this along.