Your Chance to Help Make an Indie Film

Producer Alison Parker writes:

Hi there, my name is Alison Parker and I am a film producer from Vancouver, Canada.  I’m writing you today to ask for your help.  I am involved with a lovely short film called “The Mary Contest”, written and directed by Teresa Mcgee.  The film is about a young girl named Mary who tries hard to win a prize for her altar, but instead learns a valuable life lesson.

This is an independent project, and we are currently trying to raise some funds online to help us complete the film.  We were wondering if it’s possible you could share the link to our fundraising campaign on your site?  Perhaps one of your readers would be interested in being a part of making this short film the best that it can be.  We have lots of perks to offer in return for contributions, such as a digital download of the film, a ‘musical offering’ from our composer, and even your name appearing in the end credits.

The Mary Contest –

We have only 15 days remaining in the campaign so time is of the essence.  If you would consider posting about us, we would be most grateful!

How can you pass up having your name in the credits?

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