Attention China! You are now Entering Phase Two of History

Phase 1) ‘What could it hurt?’: China implements one-child policy
Phase 2) ‘How were we supposed to know?’: China runs out of workers

Attention West! Your turn is coming as even Slate has finally figured out. So those of you enthusiasts for birth control worried about “overpopulation” should really familiarize yourself with reality. The first reality is this:

The second reality is that, as you age and become an expensive burden to the rising generation, you will have abundant opportunity to think globally and act locally–or rather be acted upon locally–by becoming an unwilling recruit in the Human Extinction Movement, courtesy of government and health care bean counters who will be comfy with snuffing you when the cost/benefit analyses are not longer in favor of you being alive. I’m giving myself about a 50/50 chance of dying naturally. Odds are pretty good that if I live long enough to require elder care, somebody from the hospital staff going to slip something in my IV to make life easier on the hospital accounting department.

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  • MichaelP71

    Oh yes and don’t forget Mark that we will be “ENCOURAGED” to help our fellow citizen and exit early because they need your organs and you don’t want to be a drain on society do you.

    • This is why I’m all in favor of R&D on medical 3D printers and adult stem cell research. The whole organ donor thing becomes much less urgent when you can print and use your own.

  • kara

    So, have lots of kids and make sure some of them go into healthcare?

  • JEM

    Actually the start has occurred. Look very closely at what Medicare is doing with stroke protocols and pallative care.

    Fun, fun. The Matrix is coming but it will not be some fantasy techno getup – it will be an age condition matrix determining who gets care and who doesn’t.

  • Katheryn

    I am indeed worried for those entering their elderly years soon, however, if the people who actually are reproducing are the good ones, might this problem work itself out, eventually? I mean, once all the contraceptors are dead, that leaves those who are reproducing, right? (Honest question, not trying to be sarcastic or anything.)

    • wayne

      “I mean, once all the contraceptors are dead, that leaves those who are reproducing, right?”
      The biological solution only works if the ideological solution isn’t implemented by the antihuman ideologues. In other words, who teaches your children?

      • Katheryn

        Well, I teach them. We have 5 children (2 in Heaven) and my kids are begging for more. God willing, I can oblige!

  • Beccolina

    The Slate article was interesting, but I feel like the author missed the mark. He points at educating women as the reason for declining birthrates, while his own attitude demonstrates a much more accurate reason: he and his wife put off having children as long as possible so they could have careers and enjoys the fruits of those careers. Then he goes on to talk about how children are exhausting and expensive. He doesn’t make the connection that women being educated usually equals more women in the workplace, more 2-income families, society seeing the 2-income family as normal, families enjoying the financial success of 2 incomes (And some families forced into it by higher and higher cost of living), working women using artificial birth control to put off children while focusing on those careers, etc. While children can be expensive (And obviously, they do cost some), they don’t cost as much as many of those late-in-life, two income families spend on them. They also aren’t as exhausting at 25 as they at 45.
    End of rant. Should I say “Full stop” in honor of the recent troll? 🙂

  • dpt

    The situation in China puts added pressure on a single couple. Considering both husband and wife are single children, then they are responsible for taking care to two sets of elderly parents.

    In previous generations, it was the eldest son’s responsibility, though now that is not available for many aging parents.

    • Katheryn

      Another horrifying reason to commit “gendercide” and kill unborn women. The poor parents must be so terrified about their elderly years.

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, WWIII will be started by China and India fighting over their women.