Obama to EWTN and Register: You’re Still Screwed

EWTN and Register to Obama:  We still resist you to your face.  So do an awful lot of other people of conscience who are taking this to court–and doing reasonably well by all reports.

At the end of the day, what the argument boils down to is this.  Sandra Fluke sez to people who had no interest in telling her what she can and can’t do in her bedroom: “Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do in my own bedroom!  And I demand that you pay for it!”  The mandate is Obama pulling a gun, sticking it in the ribs of those people of conscience and saying, “You heard the lady.”

Resist the Tyrant.

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  • I continue seeing comments all over the net (even in these com boxes) about how birth control pills are often used as medication for certain problems. True. But since the Church has made it very clear that it does not oppose paying for birth control pills for use as medication (only for use as birth control) it seems their #1 argument is irrelevant. So this DOES indeed boil down to precisely what you say it does. Unless one considers pregnancy itself as a sickness, which unfortunately many do.

  • George Wash

    Resist. Many friends, including priests talk abut going to jail over this issue. However, that would be too easy. Are we willing to lose our livelihoods, businesses and go bankrupt or take huge financial hits by fines etc? The federal government has nasty methods to ensure your compliance and I aint talking about waterboarding and GITMO. We need to continue to pray for God’s mercy

  • Irenist

    The tactical concession to the Gospel of Life by the Administration here is similar to the tactical concession to social justice teaching on immigration being considered by Congress right now: regardless of party/ideology, the political dynamic is the same. Keep pushing. They’ll give in. May God speed His Church to victory.

  • carlamariee

    Actually Ms. Fluke’s testimony was regarding an aquaintance who was prescribed birth control for reasons other than contraception and needed coverage for it from her health insurance. It had nothing to to with demanding that her own birthcontrol be paid for, nor anything to do with oversight and commentary on her own private activities.

    I think we can discuss this without personal attacks and hyperbole. We’re supposed to be the good guys here. Fellow readers, please do me the courtesy of reminding me of same when I get off track. 😉

    • Oregon Catholic

      and that whole story of someone being denied payment of BCP’s to treat a medical issue was likely completely false.

      BCPs have been used for that purpose since the beginning and Catholic insurers, Catholic doctors, and Catholic pharmacies have been on board with that use all that time. Sometimes an insurer might deny payment at the outset, but they do that for lots of legitimate things unfortunately. Doctors are required to submit codes that explain diagnosis and treatment with their bills and sometimes they put down the wrong codes or omit one and that triggers a denial electronically. It simply involves having the doctor clarify the reason to the insurer. But some will use that to create a problem where none exists.

  • PatrickG

    Can I assume that you are against *all* insurance mandates, then? I actually agree with you here, in the sense that I think that insurance mandates are just bad policy. For instance, in NJ (if I remember correctly), all insurance plans have to cover hair replacement therapy. Why?! That’s just ridiculous! And I’m receptive to the idea that forcing people to pay for things they don’t want to is wrong- but then, as I said, what about the rest of the mandates?

    • Will

      The answer has always been if you do not like the insurance find a job somewhere else.

      • PatrickG

        I agree with you there.

    • R. Howell

      I’m against all mandates. Employers should not be involved at all in a person’s health care. End the special tax breaks for employer provided health insurance.

      • I am entirely with you. This, along with CMS’s huge and grotesque interference in both health care and health insurance, are huge contributors to the overall dysfunction of our health care system.