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Millions of Dollars of Damage Incurred at Nonprofit Catholic Retreat Center in Connecticut

January 25, 2013 (Mystic, CT) — Located on Enders Island in Mystic, Connecticut, each year over 16,000 people cross the causeway onto St. Edmund’s Retreat, seeking spiritual renewal, direction and friendship. As a nonprofit Catholic-based ministry, the Island is open every day of the year, serving as a retreat center trying to make a difference in people’s lives. Among its services are numerous 12-step recovery programs (including an on-site sober community living on the Island), art workshops, adult education, spiritual development and more. However, on Monday, October 29, Hurricane Sandy hit Enders Island with the full force of her fury, causing significant damage to the retreat center’s infrastructure and livelihood.

Large seas and damaging winds downed trees and the power of the ocean created a 30-foot breach in the seawall, which protects Enders Island from the water. The causeway connecting St. Edmund’s Retreat to the mainland also sustained significant damage, and the Island was without power for a week. Though certainly blessed to have been spared from the devastation that is currently crippling communities in New York and New Jersey, the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy caused millions of dollars of damage that is not covered by insurance, impacting the retreat center’s programs and overall infrastructure.

With two major significant repairs needing to take place, St. Edmund’s Retreat is now facing a difficult situation. Insurance will not cover the causeway and water pipe restoration or an emergency repair to the Island’s seawall. These fixes were estimated at $54,000.00. An event such as Hurricane Sandy and the accompanying expenses cause finances to be overwhelmed and jeopardizes the ability of St. Edmund’s Retreat to continue its healing and renewing of those who cross the causeway to the Island on a daily basis.

St. Edmund’s Retreat is currently appealing to other catholic organizations and individuals throughout the country to assist in its efforts to repair Enders Island and return the gorgeous 11-acre center back to its original Pre-Sandy state. For more information or to see the damage incurred to the Island, visit or

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St. Edmund’s Retreat is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, located on Enders Island in Mystic, Connecticut, providing a place of reflection and prayer, spiritual development, adult education, sacred art workshops and 12-Step recovery programs. Its mission is to proclaim in word and deed the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the light of the Catholic Faith. Enders Island is open to the public and all are welcome. For more information, visit or call (860) 536-0565.

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