Dave Deavel Joins the One Percent

My friend Dave Deavel is deliciously Subversive of the Dominant Paradigm:

My wife and I are part of the 1 percent — so we’re used to criticism. We’ve made a bundle — heck, a number of bundles — and while the rest of the nation seems to be in a slump, we’re just making more. We’re part of the false cult of quantity at the expense of quality. Our consumption hurts the environment. Our ridiculous tax breaks reward our selfishness at others’ expense. To give us larger breaks is so ridiculous a suggestion even the Wall Street Journal calls us tax “gangsters.” But we, I reply, are the makers. It’s right that our tax burden is lower, since we ultimately provide the raw material for jobs, innovation and future tax revenue.

Of course, when I say we’re in the top 1 percent, I mean kids.

Love it. It’s like he’s not even ashamed or anything. I see the apostles of childlessness stamping their tiny feet in impotent rage and fuming, “I just don’t think we’re reaching that guy and his wife!”

Best part: Cathy Deavel so does *not* fit the media’s required role of beleagured, barefoot and pregnant wife, kept from all human flourishing by her domineering husband; uneducated, ignorant of the thrilling possibilities open to the Modern Woman in Today’s World. In fact, she’s a Ph.D of formidable intellect who teaches philosophy at the University of St. Thomas.

Read the whole piece. Wonderful stuff. It will be fun to see the overpopulation handwringers burst a blood vessel in the comboxes.

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Truly, they are wealthy! And may God enrich them further!

  • http://trumpetersmission.com/ Andrew Wingate

    The Deavels are wonderful people and Dave has a great Catholic sense of humour that I heard him share with a group of testosterone pumped males at a debate last year.


  • Mike

    The combox is already boiling over. I know so many people in their mid-late 30s who don’t want kids it’s amazing. I always ask myself what they’re going to do with their lives when they get to old to party and drink and go out everynight. There’s going to be alot of lonely people out there someday.

    • Dustin

      That’s unkind, assuming that the childfree, like me, are a bunch of libertines, hedonists, whores and drunks. Many of us lead perfectly normal, quiet, boring lives. Personally, I’m thoroughly convinced that I’d make a terrible father. It’s far too easy to screw up a kid’s life. Some people discern, very early in their lives, a calling to parenthood, wanting it more than anything. I’ve never felt such a thing. I’m not sad about that at all. But I object to being characterized as selfish.

      • enness

        You don’t seem to have considered, prior to taking it as a personal insult, that maybe the people Mike is referring to actually *do* party and drink a lot of the time.

    • Dustin

      Furthermore, being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. What’s wrong with being alone? Leave me to my books, O world, and a nice cup of tea.

    • Susan

      What they are going to do when they get old is demand that MY children pay their monthly social security payments. Since payments are made out of the money taken from CURRENT workers – the money the childless pay during their lifetime is not stashed away for them somewhere – that means that while there are now x number of workers supporting Y number of retirees, my kids are going to be paying through the nose as the demographic winter causes them to support a huge number of retirees. I am not suggesting that people utterly unsuited for parenthood have kids for that reason. But the incessant whining from so many of them about kids in general – they hate seeing them in restaurants, they don’t conceal their contempt for them – doesn’t seem to extend to caring about what kind of overwhelming debt they are leaving for other people’s kids.

  • http://trumpetersmission.com/ Andrew Wingate

    These people just have very small minds. There are small minds in the other extreme too http://tinyurl.com/d48ltaz

  • Andrea

    Well, wonderful stuff unless the reader is involuntarily childless.