Jimmy Akin Takes Up the Thankless Task of Warning Foolish Ingrates about a Shady Crank

This time, the shady crank is one Maria Divine Mercy, who issues anonymous, unapproved “prophetic” BS from Ireland about end times rubbish–and so is naturally battened on by the astoundingly discernment-free cadre of private revelation enthusiasts who seem to form a significant subset of those who regard themselves as Truly True Catholics. Jimmy gives plenty of reasons why anybody in their five wits should steer a wide berth around this quackery and points sane people back toward common sense and the actual teaching of the Church. So naturally, the uber-Catholics turn up to announce their superior truly true Catholic cred and denounce him as a one of those half-breed Protestant converts:

Mr Akin, you are the messenger of Satan. I call upon all God’s children to pray for you.


Mr Akin still writes with the arrogance of a former protestant with no proof that MDM is false.
Pray with the humility of Our Blessed Mother for true discernment.
It’s articles like this that will stop all subscriptions to nc register.

Plus lots of crap about the False Prophet and The Warning and fearmongering about the papal election. What garbage like the “prophecies” of “Maria Divine Mercy” do is prey on the fears of a laity whose faith is already weak. She provides a fertile breeding ground for schism, because if the election doesn’t go the way the paranoid reactionary crank likes, then he can simply declare that this is the End Times, the False Prophet is now on the throne of Peter and the true Pope, or some spiritual Pope in the heavenlies somewhere, or some other projection of the crank’s imagination is now the “authority” to whom are “true Catholics” must submit. What this means in practice is what is known as “Protestantism” or the supremacy of private judgment over the Church’s actual teaching.

This is the judgement for hubris. I seriously cannot believe that anybody, much less roughly 40%-50% of the commenters on Jimmy’s thread could take this incredibly obvious quack seriously. But a good chunk of Jimmy’s readers range between “Let’s not be hasty. She has some important things to say” to “If you question her you are a minion of HELL!!” The deathless tendency of so many Faithful Conservative Catholics[TM] to give themselves over to Folk Heroes begins to appear to me to be part and parcel of its tendency toward holding itself up as the gold standard for truly true Catholicism while slyly saying, “I thank you, O God, that I am not like other men, or even like that damn librul Protestant Jimmy Akin”. I don’t envy Jimmy his thankless task of trying to warn this group of proud ingrates that they are, once again and of their own free will, making themselves complete suckers for a charlatan in their pride. When will they learn?

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  • James H, London

    Ay, caramba! So many kooks, so little time.

  • Rosemarie


    >>>This antipope will announce a plan to merge world religions: “Seated in the Chair of Peter, this imposter will shout aloud and proudly proclaim his solution to unite all churches as one. Hailed as a modern innovator, he will be applauded by the secular world because he will condone sin. He will bring in new laws, which will, not only contradict the Teachings of the Catholic Church, but which will go against all Christian laws”

    I sincerely doubt the next pope will “be applauded by the secular world” or do anything described above. At least this false prophecy is specific enough to be proven wrong. Not that that would be enough for true believers in these “messages.” They’ll just find something he says that they don’t like and call it “condoning sin” or “contradicting the teachings of the Catholic Church,” even though that’s not the case. And heaven help him if he calls another Assisi prayer gathering; that will be dubbed “establishing a world religion” even if it doesn’t do that at all.

    >>>There will be a supernatural event (“the Warning”) in which God makes his presence known: “You must await now My Divine Act of Mercy, for it will weed out the good from the wicked. This great Illumination of Conscience will take place after My Holy Vicar [Benedict XVI] has left Rome.” “billions of people will convert during The Warning”

    So shouldn’t this have happened by now? Or is the pope emeritus still in Rome right now? When is he supposed to leave Rome, if at all?

  • Andy, Bad Person

    It is absolutely terrifying how many people in that combox are taking this woman seriously.

    Another winner from the comments, though:

    How can Peter the Apostle, a Jew, be the same person as Peter the Roman?

  • Jordan Henderson

    In fairness to the commenters on the site, it looks like a lot of them are agreeing with Jimmy. As is typical with such things, the dissenters are louder, wordier and nastier.

  • Subsistent

    Could it be that the fanatic dissenters are mostly just a small group of “flying monkeys” organized by “Maria Divine Mercy” herself to go out and harass her critics?

  • MikeTheGeek

    Maria Divine Mercy? Is she one of the Boston Divine Mercies or the Charleston Divine Mercies? I may have gone to high school with her father, Billy Joe Divine Mercy. Nice guy; last I knew, he had gotten out of the service and married Betty Sue Divine Mercy.

    • Kenneth

      I think it’s important we not render judgment until we hear the other side of the story, from Maria Profane Severity!

    • http://www.theleenmachine.blogspot.com KML

      ::snort:: Comment of the day.

  • Dale Price

    This antipope will announce a plan to merge world religions: “Seated in the Chair of Peter, this imposter will shout aloud and proudly proclaim his solution to unite all churches as one. Hailed as a modern innovator, he will be applauded by the secular world because he will condone sin. He will bring in new laws, which will, not only contradict the Teachings of the Catholic Church, but which will go against all Christian laws

    It appears MDM read “Left Behind” and enjoyed it immensely.

  • Heather Price

    Praying for Mr. Akin that he has the grace to continue that particular spiritual work of mercy, i.e. “Teach the ignorant.”

    • rakowskidp

      Whaddaya do when the person peddling this nonsense (well, perhaps not this specific nonsense, but a variety of unapproved and dodgy-sounding apparitions) is the deacon who leads your parish RCIA program?

      • SouthCoast

        Do you have a bishop to whom you can write?

    • Jared

      Also enduring wrongs patiently. Good work, Akin!

      • Stu

        His calling card. That’s why I enjoy both him and Patrick Madrid on Catholic Answers.

  • http://www.rosariesforlife.com Dave

    Yes, the messages of “Maria Divine Mercy” appear to be heretical on several levels. I’m not sure where she is getting so many followers from. Even sites that follow prophecy such as Spirit Daily have enough grounding in the Catholic Faith to steer clear of MDM.

    • Theodore Seeber

      Mainly from the same group of depressed and in despair traditionalist Catholics who still think that John XXIII was an anti-Pope.

  • Arnobius of Sicca

    I know some people who believe this nonsense from MDM. For me, it was clear that for her so-called messages to be true, Christ had to either be lying or powerless in His promises of Matt 16:18 and Matt 28:20. In which case her so-called messages would be irrelevant anyway.

    Her alleged messages seem designed to lead people to schism against our next Pope.

    I also find her claimed messages make use of the “No True Scotsman” fallacy to shield MDM from criticism. If you disbelieve or challenge these messages, you’re not a “true Catholic.” So any challenges are automatically rejected.

    It’s a tragedy that some are being misled by this false “seer.”

  • An Aaron, not the Aaron

    One of the combox folks noted breathlessly that MDM predicted the Pope would step down February 11, 2012. Telling that he seems not to have considered important the fact she was a. whole. year. off.

    • TheRealAaron

      Ha! People like you are the reason I use this name online. Gotta establish yourself as the alpha dog!

      • TheRealAaron

        In case it wasn’t clear, let me add :-P

  • Mark R

    I think the erudite commenter Sandra Miesel once wrote that trade in apparition literature outsells quality Catholic books. I could not believe it then. But maybe it is true. There are plenty of sources of authentic Catholic Christian teaching of which the average Catholic does not avail himself…and the vacuum is filled by apparition stuff insead.

    • http://pavelspoetry.com Pavel Chichikov

      If you want Catholic books to sell, write better.

  • http://www.theleenmachine.blogspot.com KML

    “Arrogance of a former Protestant?” Indeed, nothing says “arrogance” quite like giving up everything you know, risking the mockery and alienation of others, and possibly torpedoing a career in order to follow truth. Totally arrogant.

    • Dale Price

      I have to admit that nothing is more likely to get me to listen to the person being criticized than labelling him a “former Protestant.” I’m crotchety that way.

      There seems to be no shortage of Catholics willing to give converts the hairy eyeball.

      • Heather Price

        What some proud cradle Catholics forget is the original apostles were converts, too.

    • Chris M

      The irony is that this person is more or less a “Current Protestant” by their schismatic actions.

  • Scott

    I so applaud guys l like you and Jimmy Akin for helping me to think and discern. Alas, I was once caught up in the world of private revelation and it is a spooky place to be. Thank God for Holy Mother Church!

  • frenchcookingmama

    This lady has figured out one heck of a way to make money for herself. She has a built-in audience that she ganked from Spirit Daily (and to their credit, they don’t promote her or her messages). She knows that many people are anxious about the next 10-20 years, thanks to Medjugorje and similar private revelations. So she reads up on them, cobbles together her “messages” from their more sensational claims, and she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Linda C.

    I didn’t have to read any of her “predictions’—anyone with the cheek to call herself “Maria Divine Mercy” is sufficiently off the rails to warn me off.

  • Caroline

    I understand the difference between approved and unapproved private revelations although personally I avoid even the approved as is my right to do, but I wonder if approving any of them at all doesn’t lend itself to generating yet more claims to apparitions. While we decry the crazies, haven’t we contributed to their existence as well?

  • obpoet

    51% voted for Obama, many of them Catholics. This is not surprising in the least.

  • Timbot2000

    “Shady Crank” sounds like it would be a good name for a town….maybe in Missouri or Alabama?

  • Sbark

    Jimmy’s descriptions of her prophecies sound to me more like someone who is mentally ill than someone who is scamming people.