Turns out God the Father Can’t Spell

“The battle now rages between My Hierarcy and the domain of the beast”

The charlatan Maria Divine Mercy is now offering a full-throated call to schism.

If you follow her, you endanger your soul.  It’s some anonymous Irish nut with a website or the Catholic Church.  Take your pick.

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  • James H, London

    Oy. In a way, it’s better if they come right out with nonsense and fury – it makes them easier to ignore.

  • http://www.chesterton.org Sean P. Dailey

    Because nothing says “authentically Catholic” like “anonymous Internet blogger.”

  • ivan_the_mad

    Aha! Proof that she’s a charlatan! After all, Gospel is God-Spell, proving that God can spell; if it’s misspelled, then clearly it’s not of God. QED IGNORAMI!

  • MikeTheGeek

    Are you sure she’s referencing the Pope? Sounds more like she’s talking about Nancy Pelosi.

  • James

    Well, the traditionalists will be glad to know that he’s going to be crowned, at least. For every cloud there’s a silver lining.

  • Allan

    Also strange to think of God ending a message “Your beloved father, God the Most High”. Wasn’t He historically known for rather more crytic identifiers (“Tell them I Am Who Am”)? Just seems weird that he’d send messages subjecting himself to our rules for properly writing a letter. I almost expect the word “Sincerely” to be included in some of those messages.

  • Thibaud

    What I like is that the impending “Great Warning” is supposed to lead to the conversion of 1 billion people in one day. You have to admit, us Christians of 2013 are incredibly lucky. For almost 2000 years, Christians needed to evangelize through love, humility, speeches, works of mercy and so on, often even giving their lives to testify of Christ’s Lordship. Sure, God always sustained them and, through them, worked miracles which sometimes lead to mass conversions, but of a few thousands people at most. 2013′s Christian, on the other hand, will just need to sit back, relax and wait for God to work some “Great Warning” which will automatically convert 14% of the world population in one day. Lucky us. Turns out that going forth and teaching all nations is incredibly easy, exactly as Christ taught us.

    • Heather Price

      It’s going to be through a viral FB posting–that’s how they ALL spread. And we know how effective that is, right?

  • JDH

    So, the revelation says that Pope Benedict will lead us all to the truth, and he has pledged his obedience to Pope Francis. Yet, Pope Francis is an imposter.

    Is it just me, or is there a contradiction in there somewhere? Or am I just not faithful enough to understand?

  • dianeski

    Never heard of her before.

  • Birthday girl

    Why is it always about the Fury of God with these seers? What about the mercy and suchlike? She even calls herself “Divine Mercy” … ??

    • Mark Shea

      Because she is a dangerous fraud.