Prayers for all involved in the Boston bombing

May God have mercy on the dead, heal the wounded and bring to swift justice the murderers through Christ our Lord.

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  • Mike in KC, MO


    There is one silver lining: I saw the terrible video, and what struck me was not just the people running away, but all the people, not just police etc, but civilians, all running to the scene to give aid.

    For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

  • Dave G.

    I just heard of this a little bit ago. Prayers definitely.

  • Ed the Roman

    Let’s also pray that the perps repent and come to a saving faith.

  • Therese Z

    I understand some people came running to the end, after the explosion, and just kept going to give blood.

  • ivan_the_mad

    Amen. Amen. Amen.


    “Pater, ignosce illis, non enim sciunt quod faciunt”

  • Bill

    God bless the suffering and have mercy on the criminal.

    An interesting corollary has come up to the argument on Anti-Semitism in Traditionalism. Checking out stuff on and some commentators on Catholic Answers Forum, one thread comes out. The bigger tragedy, to these folks, is that, potentially, the government could restrict rights due to this. Not that three people, including an 8 year old little boy, died, or dozens were maimed. No, to the Libertarians, it’s that their rights might be dinged a bit. Made me think of the butt-hurt reactions of *some* (not most or even many) traditionalists who say, well anti-Semitism is bad, but look at how awful people have been to us for fifty years.

    • Kirt Higdon

      I think you could make a pretty good case that the US government’s reaction to 9/11 was worse than the event itself. Certainly far more people have been killed and many innocents imprisoned and their lives ruined. Power of life and death over all in the world has been concentrated in the hands of the US president who need not account to anyone for his actions. It doesn’t take away anything from the tragedy of the death of children and other innocents in the US to have a well founded fear that their deaths will be used as an excuse to kill more innocents, including children in Africa, Asia and elsewhere, and to imprison more in the US. It’s easy to brush that off figuring that the backlash victims will be just those evil Moslems who have it coming anyway, but keep in mind that BHO is very anti-Catholic. Recently an educational briefing to a military unit instructed the attendees that Catholics and Evangelicals were terrorists, the same as Al Qaida.

      • Bill

        I think your argument, Kirt, is interesting and correct on its own merit, but it’s ignoratio elenchi to my argument. Yes, the US reaction was terrible, as bad as 9-11. But my point, is that fear, the jumping to conclusions that these combox folks did in the immediate aftermath of the event, to spin it as an inevitability that they’re going to tunnel under our houses, was tin-eared and inappropriate.

        • Bill

          It was an “all about me” approach that Mark warned traditionalists about doing.

          • Kirt Higdon

            It’s not a matter of “all about me”, Bill. I’m already resigned to complete lack of privacy in my communications and to being radiated and groped a few times per year when I fly on a plane. It’s unlikely that the government will ever target me personally, but it is more than likely that they will target, torture and kill people who are just as innocent as I am. That they are already doing. In fact some of these victims are more innocent since I am a declared enemy of the US regime, although a non-violent one, while many of those killed in Asia and Africa don’t even know that the US or its evil rulers even exist.

            • Bill

              I don’t know why you’re soapboxing here.

  • Bill

    It just comes across as tin-eared and oh so insecure to me.

  • Erin Pascal

    I heard this news earlier today and I was shocked to hear it. My prayers will all be for the people who are victims of this terrible event. I am deeply saddened by this and I offer my deepest and most sincere prayers to them. What has the world become… Lord, help us.