Prayers for Pope Emeritus Benedict

He is not well.  God bless this great and good man.

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  • Laura Lowder

    You know, Mark, this is going to be hard, losing him twice.

  • Stu

    Senator McCain’s grandfather, Admiral John S. McCain Sr, died just four days after the formal Japanese surrender. He just collapsed and died. I think some people just will themselves to live when thrust into a a high tempo, purposed focused life.

    I fear the same for Benedict.

    I love him like I love my own father.

    • Faith

      I think he decided to leave office because he wasn’t feeling up to it physically. At least that is what he seemed to say when he gave his reasons. So my impression is that if he’s fading it isn’t because he suddenly lost his meaning for living because he’s retired. It might just be that old age has caught up with him.

      I too thought BXVI looked very frail in that video of his meeting with Pope Francis.

      • Stu

        I didn’t mean to imply that he has lost his meaning for living. My comment is more about the body itself. I actually believe the continued stress can actually prolong life in some instances. It’s when we take a step back that things begin to fail.

        Oddly, its true for aircraft as well. The best way to keep them working is to fly them a lot. They always break when sitting on the flight line too long.

  • Meddler

    That is really sad, Stu. Have you considered some perspective?

    • Stu

      Yes, I love the use of perspective in art.

      But that’s not important right now.

  • frjimt

    spreading unfounded rumors could lead to more serious sin