This Whispered “Post Me for Victor Lams”

April 1 and Easter Monday both being days for giddy hilarity–and reader Victor Lams really enjoying oddities like this, I offer the following:

For those who, like me, are out of the loop on quirky music, this is, I am informed by my son, a specimen of “Chap Hop”. Why they don’t call it “chap rap” he does not understand.

Update: Somehow, I manage to plug in a Michael Voris video instead of the above, which is ten times more hilarious. Error fixed.

"Billy Jean" on beer bottles
Marian Chant for the Month of May
Asking for serenity and nothing more?
Here they come, walkin' down the street...
  • Patrick Santucci

    A video of Michael Voris? Is this an April Fool or not the video you intended?

  • Thinkling

    Given the day I was half expecting “Autotuned Michael Voris”.

    That CMTV video rocks, by the way.

  • Hermann

    Michael Voris when I was expecting Mr. B??



  • victor

    I really did enjoy that! And yes, for a moment there I was worried that you’d discovered my hip-hop side project I’m working on for Church Militant.

  • Hermann

    Professor Elemental??

    Come on, please, it HAS to be Mr. B the gentleman rhymer:


  • Steven T.

    Mark, as a New York City boy who was there at the beginning, let me clarify: “rap” is merely a subset of “hip hop.” Properly speaking, rapping is the rhythmic chanting element that, in combination with DJ’ing, the art of combining recorded musical samples and “scratching” vinyl records on a turntable, comprise hip hop music. Ergo, “chap hop” is correct.