This Whispered “Post Me for Victor Lams”

April 1 and Easter Monday both being days for giddy hilarity–and reader Victor Lams really enjoying oddities like this, I offer the following:

For those who, like me, are out of the loop on quirky music, this is, I am informed by my son, a specimen of “Chap Hop”. Why they don’t call it “chap rap” he does not understand.

Update: Somehow, I manage to plug in a Michael Voris video instead of the above, which is ten times more hilarious. Error fixed.

Divine Mercy Chaplet CD
Happy Feast of St. Thomas!
Ooberfuse does fine work
  • Patrick Santucci

    A video of Michael Voris? Is this an April Fool or not the video you intended?

  • Thinkling

    Given the day I was half expecting “Autotuned Michael Voris”.

    That CMTV video rocks, by the way.

  • Hermann

    Michael Voris when I was expecting Mr. B??



  • victor

    I really did enjoy that! And yes, for a moment there I was worried that you’d discovered my hip-hop side project I’m working on for Church Militant.

  • Hermann

    Professor Elemental??

    Come on, please, it HAS to be Mr. B the gentleman rhymer:


  • Steven T.

    Mark, as a New York City boy who was there at the beginning, let me clarify: “rap” is merely a subset of “hip hop.” Properly speaking, rapping is the rhythmic chanting element that, in combination with DJ’ing, the art of combining recorded musical samples and “scratching” vinyl records on a turntable, comprise hip hop music. Ergo, “chap hop” is correct.