Uber-conspiracy theorists believe conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is a CIA double agent.

Of course, that’s to throw us off the scent of the uber-conspiracy theorists and their sinister dark masters.

And, as should be obvious, I’m only making fun of it all because I am acting on the orders of my puppeteers in the Vatican.

And I only point all that out to throw you off the *real* conspiracy… WHICH YOU WILL NEVER SUSPECT UNTIL WE *STRIKE*!!!!

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  • Margaret

    Spoiler alert: it’s really all about the pinecones. Yes, there are jesuits involved, and an Opus Dei albino monk, but ultimately, it’s the pinecones you’ve gotta watch out for…

  • Janet O’Connor

    While it is true that Alex Jones does NOT have his facts when it comes to the Church, he has been correct in talking about other things the mainstream media will not talk about such as DRONES. The Administration hates him and because he supports Ron Paul Is trying to get his show off the air. He is passionate about the Constitution and the right to bear arms but he also is for the Natural Law- he mentioned the Kermit Gosnell trial. He is against Big Government Government Coverups and the Mainstream Media but his articles quotes regular news outlets.

  • Dark Lord, please clarify: did you mean that last word simply as it is used in the dictionary, or are you using code and launching your secret project known as “S.T.R.I.K.E.,” which, of course, stands for “Situation Terrible: Requires Initiation of Killing Engines,” at this time? We lackeys and minions are standing by to fire up the killing engines with their destructive forces (specifically, they make people sing annoying songs in public until everybody rushes into the sea) but after the fiasco involving the inadvertent activation of the hand-held prototype on an airplane the other day we want to be sure that you’re actually giving an order here before we cry havoc and let slip the earworms of war, so to speak.

  • Jedinovice

    The trouble is no, though, that it really is hard to work
    out which conspiracies are are conspiracies and which are loony land. I mean, I agree that the Lax Jones
    double-double-double-double-dibs-on-you is craziness but…

    When Khrushchev said he would bring Communisim to the West
    by infilitrating our Universities, ur media and even churches… we in the UK
    laughed. Really. And those who talked of of a Russian fifth
    column were laughed at. Then we had the cultural revolution in the 1960’s and
    it’s been communism ever since. And then,
    when the Berlin wall fell the Russians said outright, Yeah. Khrushchev did it. He wasn’t joking. He did it.”

    I’ve left the UK but when it comes to conspiracies consider this…
    every single consultation by the Government is a sham. The Government puts out a consultation on,
    saying building a new motorway near a residential site. The public respond. Result:
    “Despite some reservations the inhabitants of Wirthingtone Gribly accept
    the need for the new motorway.” In the
    UK we KNOW any consulation will only ever produce the result the Government
    wants. It’s a sham. Is that not a form
    of conspiracy? Hell, when there was an
    online consolutation on Homosexual marriage where you COULD actually see the
    votes, even when 75% of respondants rejected gay marriage – the Government
    pushed it through anyway – as absolutely anyone with a brain could see coming. So that tells us for a fact that consltatns are
    only a ruse to give the appearance that the Government cares what the people

    And then you have the gay activitis who make absolutely *NO*
    secret of their conspiracy – control the media, crush the religious and destroy
    all notions of fidelity. It’s not a
    secret conspiracy – it’s public and yet, the public are going with it. It’s a conspiracy in that lies are told,
    politicians blackmailed and the young indoctrinated in ‘secret’ and yet… the
    Gay activists have told us that Gay Marriage = no marriage. So where does conspiracy begin and end now?

    I never used to be a conspiracy nut but now I really do not
    know what’s what anymore.

    Though I am pretty sure man did land on the moon. The US wanted some ground based easier to
    pose propaganda photos.

    • chezami

      When the “conspiracy” is publlic and everybody goes along with it, consider the possibility that what you call a “conspiracy” is what most of us call a “culture”.