Prayer Request

A reader writes:

A friend of my Grandma, and our family, has a son who is dying of HIV. He has been taking medicine, though inconsistently as his mother told us, and is now falling asleep so much that he cannot hold his job. The poor man is need of God’s merciful grace, love, mercy, and hope. I pray for him. Though I ask as you pray for him, and others would also pray, your established praying faithful, that you would pray for me at the end of those prayers to be joyful and filled with love, and God’s hope as this man suffers terribly for something so awful in this man’s life.

Father, hear our prayer for this man that his sufferings will conform him to Jesus Christ, that he find the grace of faith, hope and love and that he be granted the grace of a happy death through Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

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